Help! Spouse thinks JW religion the most logical

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  • Jayson


    Your question/thread will always be the underlying of all my questions here too. How the hell do you logicaly debate a subject that only has one acceptable outcome; They are right and the world is wrong. It could never be that the world is right and they are wrong. And even if the world is right for now someday; God will still distroy this system and put them in charge because their Bible says it's gona be so because they say so.

    I have soundly put down arguments put before me again and again. I have finally submitted to the fact that they can put out more propaganda than anyone could counter. If anyone wants to believe it then they will. And it's their right to.

    I think all doubting dubs should just debate Farkel. 10 minutes with him should be all it takes to strip things to the real truth of it all. Also, I never read the books on cults and countercults until it was too late. I read them after my relationships with the Jehovah Witnesses was just pushed to far. I wish I had given myself all the information I needed to understand that my kindness was not helping the matter and that my debating and arguing with them was making the matter worse. (I have a habit of not not debating until its to late) And I so did things the wrong way. (I still do but I am trying to be better, softer, and more understanding)

    My opinion is that "The Truth" has become the "Big White Whale" of that religion. And logic has nothing to do with it. Ahab thought that he was quite logical.

  • bittersweet

    You are so right Jayson! They believe it because they feel it can't be wrong. They don't want to even listen to reasoning. I ask my husband why he doesn't look into what could be wrong, and he says he doesn't have to because it's true. Yet how does he really know it is true if he doesn't look into what others have to say on it. It's almost like when you become a witness they take away your brain for gods sake! "It's true because they ( the org ) tell me it's true" kind of mentality. My husband can't even concieve of the idea that what he believes could be wrong. So because he feels he's right, he won't entertain the possibility that not all of what he believes is logical.

    Arrrrggghhh.....drives me nuts!!

  • Mystery

    Bittersweet -

    I had to order CofC, since i have finally got it, it is very hard to put down. I have only ready about 100 pages of it and have already learned so much.

    I try to see the JW side - even tho my father is now dead - i can see him saying that it is one sided by a man that got mad at Jehovah. Some will not realize it for what it is.

    But I have become so absorbed in it that I have just been glancing over the forum for the past week or so.

    It is a great book. If someone would do the research provided in the book they will see that what Franz says is true. But getting someone to do the research may be a problem.

    The "founder of JW's" was an X-Presbyterian and X-Congregational Church member. He decided to create his own religion - "the Bible Student", later known as JW's. TC Russells wife left him - was she disfellowshipped? No. The GB did not come into effect until 1976! even tho the Watchtower had been printing that they had been leading the organization.

    I know that a lot of people already know this info. But I am absolutely dumb-founded with all that I am reading. It is incredible!

    Whether your husband reads it or not, I highly recommend that you do. You will be very surprised at what you learn.

  • twinkletoes

    I have read and re-read Raymond Franz's Crisis of Conscience and it is EXCELLENT, So logical but without bitterness which is incredible considering the treatment Ray received from the Organisation !

    I bought the book for two friends, (I didn't think that they would read it, but took the chance anyhow) and it was the trigger which got them to leave the Organisation, they even left it before we did! It may help if your husband is willing to read it. You can buy it direct from Ray's own site thats -

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