666 THE MARK! but who? Part One

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  • elumn8_2


    You all know it as the mark of the wild beast. I'm begining studies on this subject and my first impressions so far have been quite interesting. I believe that the JWs have it wrong. And a post in this web site confirms my thought. As strange or typical as you might find it I'm seeing a lot of posts here in this site that MANY of you have related to the JWs or at least the GB as Grandious .... As in they speak many things about many religions or even about things as our suposidly 'Way of Life'.

    Now when I was a JW. I was studing in the Daniel book and I hurd this word before "Grandious".... It was a horn that came up within 10 horns and it had eyes that wondered and a mouth that spoke GRANDIOUS things, that is if my memory serves me right.


    there was this interesting post that I couldn't believe the number of people that posted here. It was titled "New Light on the United Nations (U.N.) (Scarlet Beast)"
    Well I was shocked to see that the witnesses would change their opinion to 'I don't know who the wild beast is'. They wrote so many times in the Daniel Book or was it Isiah telling us all these historic dates about nations that died and splitting and we were told it was the Nations that were this wild beast. And now in this post I hear that they won't even SPECULATE!!!!


    Or is it believable!!!.... See I feel that this JW orginazation was very unloving to me and I wanted answers... I looked in the bible and my eyes are looking for your posts... But what I see is the Witnesses are this wild beast. I've looked into revelation and I see God's 7 bowls of anger and I see the witnesses HOLY SPIRIT.... that gives them the ability to print god's word... I see that Drying up like the bowl of gods anger in revilation drying up the rivers.

    I also see the witnesses predicted that harmegedon would hit in 1929, 75 and after they got the hint they shouldn't be doing that because those were their false predictions... In Mathew it talks about the faithful and descrete slave how it turned Evil, well at least a part of it did that it talks about. I just feel that the Witnesses if they did have god's favor at one time in the past they had to have lost it because it seems like they jumped ahead of themselves and became to prideful of who they were. am I right????

    I was disfellowshipped and I went to the hall asking for extra bibles just so I could highlight scriptures that I felt went so well together but yet proved the witnesses were not doing things right. But I was denied the three bibles I asked for.... reason ( It's what the society says we have to do ).... I felt SHOCKED and stuned that I could get as many magazines as I wanted but not more than one bible! I told this to a friend and he said sounds like the mark of the wild beast ... In revilation theres a scripture saying those with the mark can buy or sell......... I Felt that fit in perfictly... I wasn't a JW ( I didn't have the mark) and I couldn't buy ( I couldn't even take a bible )....

    These are my thoughts friends... I need to do a LOT of studing and I'm sure it won't take me too long. I think I have good ideas I'm just looking for scriptures to show you all. I thought you might be able to help me or possibly share your opinions, Thanks


  • happyout

    There are so many things about the WTS that are wrong, it's hard to settle on one or two to point out. I am not well versed in deep study, possibly because being in the WTS for most of my life turned me off so much. I will say, in my opinion, every organized religion that I have studied has some characteristics of the "beast", if only in their efforts to control their members.

    Sorry I can't speak to your specific points, but I believe there are others who could get into detail discussion with you.


  • jgnat

    elumn8_2, you brought to mind an urban legend I had always been fascinated with. Do barcodes have anything to do with the mark of the beast?

    Link to: 666 and the Mark of the Beast

    I am a little worried about you, elumni, as you have just experienced a devastating rejection. And you seem to be dealing with it in a very objective manner by researching and studying. Some of this study might be a healthy outlet, but I wonder if you are spending time working through the very strong emotions that accompany such a drastic change to your life?

    You know you have been betrayed. You are just starting to scratch the surface on how wrong the society is. I suggest you also spend some time thinking about what kind of boyfriend/father/man you want to be. What kind of future you want for your little family. How you might define your LIFE outside the society.

  • Joyzabel


    welcome to this board, There is plenty to learn here.

    First I would like to ask you if you have Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz or In Search of Christian Freedom, also by Ray. And how about Apocalypse Delayed by James Penton or Gentile Times Revisited by Carl Olaf Jonnson and something about living in the last days by Jonnson, too.??

    You may find all these books by xjws interesting to read and come to terms with the JW thought about prophecy.

    Otherwise, I'm sorry, but searching the scriptures with a fine tooth comb and applying them willy-nilly doesn't interest me. Not that that is what you are doing, I just get bored easily.



  • onacruse

    Hi eliminate :) and very welcome to the forum :))

    I've been pretty busy this last couple of weeks, wading through the 1930s WTS literature (if it can be so called LOL), so I missed your earlier posts.

    As far as you being denied (otherwise publicly available) lit at the KH...that is, to my understanding, a clearly discriminatory violation of your civil rights. Others here may well be able to speak more ably about this than I can, but I'd say you might have a reason to call a lawyer.


  • borgfree

    Hi elumn8_2,

    I just do not think the Watchtower Society is that important, that the bible would have any reference to them, other than false prophet, of course.


  • Francois

    Since I'm a believer in evolution, I personally believe that the "mark of the beast" is simply the vestiges of our evolution from pure animals to our current status as faith sons of God. So when we are able to drop some animal-origin functionality, say jealousy, from our makeup, we are in fact ridding ourselves of another mark of the beast; the evolutionary mark that says we are of animal origin.



  • shamus

    Hi There! Welcome to the board!

    There are so many reasons that it is wrong - and that is just one of them. FLIP - FLOP - FLIP - FLOP Its hard to keep up. I heard that some people are allowed to VOTE! Good grief.

  • jst2laws

    Hello Elumn8,

    Or is it believable!!!.... See I feel that this JW organization was very unloving to me and I wanted answers...

    I have trouble ‘getting into’ prophecy these days. But your comment about not being treated lovingly and wanting answers reminded me of discovering the Bible thought that salvation has nothing to do with works. It is purely Faith. Works only come into play as works of faith that confirm one has faith. This is clearly stated in the books of Romans and Galatians but you have to use a Bible other that the NWT to get it. That scriptural point was my main reason for leaving the WT.

    I don’t pretend to understand prophesy but that alright with me because at least I have been “set free”. Gal. 5:1

    Welcome to the board.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Howdy elumn8_2!! Welcome to the life, universe and the restaurant and the end.

    Can't comment much on prophecy. I used to be spot on with that sort of thing, but in all honesty I've forgotten much of what I used to know.

    The one you really want to discuss this with is onacruse. He's brilliant and knows everything there is to know about the Bible.

    But I just wanted to stop in and wish you well and give you a big Texas HOWDY.

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