Worldwide Campaign Nov 2020

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  • Phizzy

    They get more and more silly by the day. What a Silly Cult ! (be careful how you say that.)

    I think this sort of campaign springs form two things, the first is that they still have the old Rutherford Ego of thinking they are far more important upon the World scene than they really are. They are simply a flea bite on an Elephants arse, a slight annoyance that makes little difference, if any.

    The second is to make JW's feel they are doing something important, and that the " End" is near. The only "End" that is near is that of those magazines, they will end up in trash cans and Dumpsters all over the World.

    What a Silly Cult !

  • waton
    is about them being overthrown in the near future,

    Listener: , an euphemism for the killing of billions of innocents, again, at the next planned "end of the world" a change from their 1918 campaign, " Millions now living will never die" subtitle of the wt November 2020 campaign: now:

    m[B]illions* soon dying will never live again!

    * it was only millions in 1918, we did not reach 2 billions until 1928 so, repeat:

    it is final: Billions soon dying will never live.

  • steve2

    Government official in November, upon opening the letters from JWs:

    "Marion, here's another handful. Just file them in the usual "Religious Nutters" folders along with the others we're getting from all the other religious groups."

    Marion, rolling her eyes, obliges.

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