Worldwide Campaign Nov 2020

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  • ToesUp

    Watchtower is the knat on the ass of humanity. The governments have so much on their plate right now, a nutty little cult is the least of their problems. Like someone mentioned, there is an election in November and COVID. No one is focusing on what this cult has to say.

  • wannabefree

    Lies, excites the base, makes some inactive wonder if "this is it" and they go back, it will accomplish for a short term the intended result to cause buzz and renewal for the flock.

    It will be interesting to see if it has a negative effect on the government entities it is targeted at for reasons already mentioned. If there is any kind of uproar, no matter how slight, just more fuel to excite the flock.

    14 years ago, this one had me thinking things will probably wrap up soon, I was out in service with an elder that was retiring at 62 years so he could pioneer full time again. I asked him why he didn't wait until 65 so he could get a larger Social Security check. He said this system would probably not last that long. HAHAHA! I think about that every time I see his wife selling junk on Facebook. Sad.

  • pistolpete

    Bc: Then let wt call that campaign:

    " Make Watchtower great again "

    OK--that's funny.

    You forgot the Red Hat

    Just remove the name; "America" and replace with the name----WATCHTOWER.

  • dubstepped

    So the rank and file are believing right now that this is the end. Between Covid and the social/political unrest many are beating the drum that this is the end. Now Watchtower wants to go after the governments to incite them, from my view. I think this isn't a response to the UK or Australian governmental inquiries but rather those morons trying to push "prophecy" to be fulfilled. They're trying to push governments to turn on them. That's just my cynical view.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    world domination soon!

    better send in James Bond.

  • sparky1

    How soon they forget!

  • pistolpete

    Now Watchtower wants to go after the governments to incite them

    Didn't they do this with RUSSIA!

  • Biahi

    They are actually going to write letters to public officials? Maybe we could do a little letter writing of our own. 😈

  • Overrated

    I don't think any government takes Watchtower seriously with their half baked ideals. It may cause the government to respond but I think just to tell them to piss off. This more and likely will cause hype with those on the fence and the rank and file. But then when the hype is gone their numbers will drop more.

  • waton
    You forgot the Red Hat

    pp, its more like the aluminium foil kind, mailing a 9 month old magazine to presidents, ? and all other "superior authorities", not in the " Let God be true book?

    Talking of trump [pets] that campaign could become one of the 7 in the next ":revelation mystery " book edition. .

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