The idiots Hollyweird destroys the Bond Franchise

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  • JeffT

    The original James Bond (the one in Ian Fleming's books) is a product of the fifties: he drinks martinis 24/7, drives an exotic car, regards every woman in the world as a sex object, and fights communists for a living. He's the kind of man that teenage boys wanted to be when they grew up, its the same image of the world that Hugh Hefner conjured up in the pages of Playboy.

    For all our current problems, that world is fortunatly a thing of the past, and I don't think the character can be translated into today's world. His doctor would lecture him about his drinking, he couldn't afford the car on a government salary, and every woman he spoke to would slap him and file a harrassment suit. .

  • Pistoff

    Some want to call out 'snowflakes', but I only hear whining from the ones who can't tolerate the idea of a female Bond.

    No one knows why they chose a female Bond, so don't make assumptions.

    Instead of name calling, maybe think about why some would want a female Bond; after all, the character has been a bit of a cad, wouldn't you say?

    It was of a piece with the mindset of the day, for sure, but that is the whole point of a female Bond: times are changing, being a cad is not tolerated, and women can and do lead a movie and be successful.

  • Afterburn

    "007" was always intended as a numeric designation for a specific active MI6 Agent In Her Majesty's Service. "007" was never intended by Ian Fleming to be James Bond (a name he selected because he thought it was the most dull and uninteresting name he could think of).

    If we cannot allow room for a female to be a specific active MI6 Agent In Her Majesty's Service, or for her numeric designation to be "007," I wonder why we can't do that? What does that say about us?

    I, for one, welcome the reimagination of boundaries for these worn out roles where straight white males get to be cast as the heroes women swoon over. These fictional characters are also the men that incels envy and slaughter innocents over.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    No one knows why they chose a female Bond - there cannot be a female Bond. Please see my previous post about artists and intellectual property.

    Just to spell it out, here's another example: the character of Rocky Balboa can only be an Italian-American man. Sly Stallone created the character and that's how he's written. In Rocky (1976) Apollo Creed says at the press conference:

    Apollo - Hey Rock, my main man, come here. Ain't you Italian?

    Rocky - Yeah, I'm Italian.

    Random journalist - So what does that mean?

    Apollo - It means, if he can't fight, I bet he can cook.

    Also, Mickey calls Rocky a 'dumb Dago'.

    So, Hollywood can't change Rocky Balboa. They could introduce a female boxer into the Rocky universe, perhaps.

    Afterburn has it right - the new film is about a female 007. This shouldn't be a problem because there have been female heroes (there's a word for female heroes - heroines) in film for decades - see Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, Nancy Thompson, Trinity, Jackie Brown, etc. etc.

    There could be an issue if the new 007 film is written poorly and identity politics is shoved down the audience's throats - see Ghostbusters (2016) and The Last Jedi (2017). I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  • LoveUniHateExams
  • pale.emperor

    Actually, I did want to see a black bond.

    Look, the 007 is a codename. It’s is a job. 00’s are supposed to be the elite assassins for MI6. That’s it. There’s no reason why it has to be the same person for all eternity.

    There were rumors for a while that Idris Elba would play bond. I was pleased. He’s a fine actor and looks the part. However, some hardcore fans and closet racists were losing their minds. A black bond? Oh the tragedy!!

    So now we have, not only a black 007, but a female black 007. Excellent move. I will say I was surprised they decided to upset two camps of snowflakes by choosing a black female but, again, I think it’s excellent and can’t wait to see what comes of it.

    FOR YEARS I’ve been saying there should be a female 00 film franchise. Granted, I didn’t expect it to be 007. In some of the films, there is indeed a female 00 agent – cant remember which one, she’s only alluded to in one of the scenes. And in the 007 comic strip Fear Face published in 1971, 0013 is a female.

    And for those who say Ian Fleming would turn in his grave, well, Ian Fleming didn’t even like Sean Connery as Bond. And Sean Connery is like the quintessential Bond we all know. But then, if you read the books you’ll see that Ian Fleming had an issue with blacks, women, homosexuals, men who get a suntan and the Chinese.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I think it’s excellent and can’t wait to see what comes of it - but you haven't seen it because it hasn't come out yet.

    It may be excellent, it may be a piece of crap.

    'two camps of snowflakes' - oh yeah, great way for a film company to view large swathes of its audience. XD Telling some of your customers 'hey, you suck, you bigot, but please give us your money and watch our film'.

    We'll see how good it is when it comes out ...

  • iwantoutnow

    I think its cool!
    The franchize died for me after Roger Moore anyway.

    But I think - Black, Hispanic, LGTB, people would LIKE to see characters (remember these are all FAKE, it's only a movie) who represent people who look are live like they do.

    Since 99% of all entertainment historically in hollywood has starred white men and women, I think we can survive a black woman as 007.

  • pale.emperor

    I think it’s excellent and can’t wait to see what comes of it - but you haven't seen it because it hasn't come out yet.

    I mean the idea. Not the movie.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    But I think - Black, Hispanic, LGTB, people would LIKE to see characters who represent people who look are live like they do - this is a weird way of thinking, if you think about it.

    What about Jewish basketball fans? Do they need 'representation' (i.e. more Jewish players on court) or are they ok with seeing mostly African-American players doing their thing?

    Look, believe it or not, I've actually got no problems with a black female 007 in theory.

    But, let's be honest, we've seen several movies and tv programs be remade according to trendy opinion, and we've seen these trendy opinions be elevated above decent story-telling, plots and character development.

    As long as good plots, story telling, character development, etc. are put above identity politics, I'm cool.

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