Umbertoecho here.

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    You Rock !!!!!
  • Listener

    Hope you get well soon Umbertoecho.

    Well done on getting through this and I don't doubt the Commission were thankful for your participation. Your efforts will have a long lasting benefit, not just here in Australia but for other countries as well.

    Umbertoecho - I found out I am being "researched already" by WT as of yesterday 5th January 2016.

    It's hard to believe the depths that they will sink to.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    That's right Umby. Now let the Watchtower shit bricks all over Australia and the world over their worry about what to do because they have these cases to worry about now. Well, they should have thought about this along time ago. They should have trusted in Jehovah in the first place and simply called the police when someone molested someone else. But no. They had to sweep it under the rug and not let God's name get into it all. Well now they have to pay the price with interest, just like a credit card.

    You are a hero in my book. Here's the thing. You took the brunt of the pain for all of us. Your pain for all those future children's gain, hopefully. Go get 'em Umby. I hope the Watchtower really gets it bad, really bad. I mean really bad press, really bad financially too. We all love you for this. We just can't say enough.

  • berrygerry

    Your post boiled my blood.

    Not against you.

    But, the demonstration that WT is nothing short of pure evil.

    Your courage is a testament to so many.

    It inspires me.

    Whatever your current beliefs, may you be blessed!

  • kairos
    Thanks for the update. Get some much needed rest.
  • besty

    Thanks for sharing this with us, for giving yourself permission to speak up, for having the courage to execute your plan and for giving voice to the thousands of children sexually abused by Jehovahs Witnesses.

    Thank you.

  • jhine
    What you have done is amazing . Now you must take time to look after yourself and recover from what must have been an ordeal . Be very selfish and indulgent for a while , if anyone has earned the right you have ! . Jan
  • vivalavida

    Thanks for putting yourself out there in order to effect justice! Much appreciated. To me, this child abuse problem was what drove me out of the damaging organization and gave me the permission to look into other things.

    Once again, many many thanks!


  • stuckinarut2

    Sincerest love and support!

    No one can take away your strength and dignity!

  • Zoos

    HOW ARE YOU RIGHT NOW, Umber? Are you settled? Healthy? Stable? You've been through a lot. Are you okay?

    ... and thank you, for what you did.

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