Today's Study - Shun Disfellowshipped Family, Don't Marry Outsiders, Tell On Others!

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  • Gefangene

    12 Daniel, a brother in Mexico, needed to choose between being loyal to God and seeking his own selfish interests. He wanted to marry a girl who was not a believer. Says Daniel: I continued writing to her even after I entered the pioneer service.

    Didn't he know that sooner or later he would have to come to a decision about her? To me this sounds like he was leading her on in a way. Messing with her heart and feelings.

    Soon my joy in the ministry increased.” Daniel later married a fine Christian sister and now serves as a circuit overseer.

    Bravo David. We are glad that your joy in the ministry increased after leaving the poor woman behind with a broken heart. But anyways.. her feelings don't matter as shes a worldly person only. A subhuman that will be killed in armageddon anyways. I hope she got over the heartbreak and found a good man to never leave or hurt her. I'm foaming at David's behaviour and the way he's being applauded for playing with someone's feelings

  • Truthexplorer

    When talking about the WT study after the zone visit, I asked my Mrs on what grounds she would shun her own mother if her mother was disfellowshipped. For example, would it be on the grounds she murdered someone; she robbed a bank; she got into prostitution; she decided to leave the JW's and become a Baptist, She started celebrating her grand children's birthdays; She disagreed with some of WT's teachings. She said it all depends on the situation. I said er well...darling, according to that study today, it doesn't matter how big or small the reason for her being disfellowshipped, you would be expected to 'Shun'/ cut off your own mother....for the rest of your life if need be! unless she came back into the (captive religion) of Jehovah's Witnesses again. That's what would be expected of you according to Gods chosen (the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses).

    She then said NO!....she would not shun her own mother if df'd, and she knows that only 'certain types' of Witnesses would do that. I said well I am glad to hear you wouldn't do that, because I certainly would never do that to my own mother. When she said only certain types of Witnesses would do that, I knew exactly the kind she meant!

  • dubstepped
    @Gefangene - Excellent post! They don't even think about anyone else. They are such blowhards and narcissists that it is always about them and them only. It is like when a sister in the congregation has an unbelieving mate and has to endure comments about how they can find a good brother in the new system to marry, which of course necessitates the slaughter of her current husband at Armageddon, but those are minor details to JW's that dehumanize everyone but themselves.
  • Lieu
    Matthew 6:14-15 NET"For if you forgive others their sins, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. [15] But if you do not forgive others, your Father will not forgive you your sins.
    Lord's Prayer stuff
  • violias

    The local churches ( in my area) are actually similar to jws in shunning. They may not be quite as strict but this area is a stronghold of Pentecostal and similar type religions and they practice DF'ing too.

    I would love to live somewhere that people only went to church on Sunday and people did not care what you did the rest of the week. That does not exist in my area, a very strict fundamental Christian area.

    I saw a jw in a department store the other day and at first I did not recognize them but when I did they averted their eyes and went on by. I am not DF'd. It is fairly well known that I hate everything the WTBS stands for, however.

    I have thought about attending another church but I'm pretty sure that they are waiting for me to do that so they can DF me. Maybe I could attend outside my area. It is a smallish town.

  • Lieu

    JWs and Pentacostals / 7 Day Advts are pretty much the same. I do believe they are split offs of Russell's former followers and Bible reading friends.

    They were all friends and rapture nutz.

  • Waves

    Oh my gosh, I was just reading the forums but wanted to make an account to reply to this thread.

    The second one about "brother Daniel" was similar to what happened to me and my ex JW boyfriend. We're still friends (we have a long long history) but he told me about coming across this on Sunday. We both have a good sense of humor and found it funny since it described our past situation, cept he dumped me months before he got baptized. No one ever found out about us and was easy to keep secret since it was long distance.

    Joking aside, I don't tell him how I think all that stuff is trash but he might know that already. I'm Christian so it ticks me off when they use the phrase "in the truth" as if I'm not.

  • Divergent
    Welcome, Waves! Sorry to hear about your experience. Glad to hear though that you both are still friends. Do you think things would have worked out for you guys if he had not dumped you?
  • Waves

    @Divergent Definitely would have. We had our share of problems but besides the JW thing, all were solveable. It's not all his fault, he warned me that he was looking to pursue the religion and I knew what it meant.

    He grew up in a mostly non practicing family but had relatives who were more serious and he was always interested in it/pulled towards it.

  • Vidiot

    It always depressed that the "fine Christian sisters" my Mom pointed me towards (as I reached my late teens) always seemed to be...

    ...plain-looking, at best.

    But then, the "worldy" girls always seemed to be better-looking to me, anyway.

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