Their Last Message of Damnation

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  • hybridous

    Also, the 'Last Message of Damnation' (OP), is a scenario where the "ark" of the saving Organization is shut, right?

    So at this point, there's no more recruitment, no more disciple-making, no more Bible-studies....

    No need for much literature or tracts. Maybe they save this final step for the days when the Org is so financially strapped, they're staring at their own demise, and thus proclaim and project their own mortality onto the world-at-large...

  • freddo

    I don`t believe they will ever do that because its not something they could walk away from or explain its failure to materialize ,however they will always be on the brink of delivering such a message........ in the near future.

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  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    In the mid 80's they said that "we were in a warning work" not necessarily trying to find sheeplike ones. Then that slowly fizzled away. As if the preaching work separated the sheep and the goats. Jesus is supposed to do that.

  • Vidiot
    "By and chance have guys been drinking cool aid?"

    Somebody should post a pic of JWs doing trolly work, with all the WT literature Photoshop-replaced with Kool-aid packages.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Kool-Aid, Iced-tea and lemonade on demand.

  • Vidiot

    Re. the OP... this idea's been around for a while, actually.

    When I was a kid, my elder Dad told me this would happen, and we'd be expected to specifically go door to door and literally tell people they were - for all intents and purposes - royally fucked (paraphrasing, obviously :smirk:).

    As kind and gentle as the man was, he nevertheless felt very disenfranchised with "The World" (he even had a low opinion of democracy, believe it or not), and in retrospect I got the impression of a subtle measure of schadenfreude.

    Even back then, I never liked the idea. The notion felt very rude to me, and - frankly - kind of pointless (they were all dead, anyway, so why rub it in?)... and it smacked of gloating.

    Looking back, maybe that was the seed that eventually grew into the ("all-non-JWs-were-doomed") idea being offensive to me.

  • out4good4

    This is just a rinse and repeat of the same message they had at assemblies 10 years ago.

    10 years ago just after I bought a new house, a pair of elders came and told me that I needed to get back within their figurative ark (meaning get back to meetings and jehovahs organization) before the end and they tried to bully me into a decision to start back coming to meetings and field service immediately.

    This new "last message of damnation" is the same shit sprinkled with new perfume.

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