2016-2-9-BOE--Screens for Video Playback!

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    The link isn't loading . . . am I the only one having a problem?
  • WTWizard

    If the cost is "less than 1,700 pounds" for this equipment, what is the quality going to be like? Usually, when you cheap out, stuff will crap out just when you need it most. Items costing "significantly more" often last significantly longer or produce significantly better reception (or both).

    And for what? Why do you need UHD quality for that rubbish? The shadow puppet videos and the LIE-ble highlight videos are not worth UHD. Even standard HD 1080 is more than those videos are worth--the picture will be no better on your screen than it was as taken by the camera. A cheap crap camera produces a cheap crap picture, even in UHD. Crappy lighting produces crappy video, no matter the quality of the equipment. And the Caleb and Sophia cartoons are not going to be any better viewed in UHD than in 1080 HD, or even 720 HD. I understand the size of the monitors if people sitting 15 or 20 meters away from the screen want to view it.

    Beyond that, what if I were to go out and buy a UHD TV, 1.8 meters and oLED? I am sure the hounders would have something to say about that--that such funds would be better in the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Yet, they are trying to get the congregations to view this sort of equipment at their boasting sessions. That is going to make at least some of them want it in their own homes--for the hounders to bash for "materialism". Hypocrisy. And I bet there will be zero videos to show people how to practically and reasonably make the disaster into a mere problem--for those buying silver (which you will not see on those videos), a currency collapse will just be a problem while everyone not buying gold or silver will have a Disaster.

    Or, maybe they need to use a UHD monitor to broadcast Sophia doing without her ice cream cone so she can support her own damnation and that of everyone else. Even though the cartoon was probably not even 1080 quality.

  • stuckinarut2

    So AFTER sending all the congregation money to the branch, and being promised that if ever needed, the branch would pay for matters as they arose, NOW they still say "pay for it yourselves!??"

    Come on witnesses, wake up.....

  • Atlantis

    neat blue dog:

    LDB:LDI February 9, 2016


    Re: Supply of Screens for Video Playback at Kingdom Halls

    Dear Brothers:

    Our meetings now regularly feature items that include video playback. The majority of Kingdom

    Halls already have a projector and screen installed, and in many cases this provides an acceptable method of

    displaying videos. The letter to all bodies of elders dated October 26, 2015 stated: “Any existing equipment

    should continue to be used as long as the equipment is functional and the audience is able to benefit from the

    content of our programs without distraction.”

    The current standard for new Kingdom Halls is now to use flat-screen monitors. Hence, although

    existing projectors should not be immediately replaced, we do not recommend that new projectors be

    purchased from now on.

    What should be done where, due to a hall’s layout, platform design, or other constraints, the

    use of a projector and screen causes distraction or disruption? In such situations, replacement of the

    existing projector/screen with flat-screen monitors would be reasonable. We are pleased to advise you that a

    new arrangement is now being put in place by the branch office to supply a complete kit of video display

    equipment for this purpose.

    What will be included? Initially one standard kit will be available. This will include two 65-inch

    monitors, one 40-inch monitor for ancillary room use, as well as all necessary brackets, cables, connectors

    and tools needed to connect this equipment to a video playback device.

    What is the advantage of having this equipment supplied by the branch office? For Kingdom

    Halls that require monitors rather than a projector, it can be difficult to source suitable equipment at a

    reasonable price. Narrow viewing angles found on some flat-screen televisions may restrict the view for

    sections of the audience. The monitors that will be supplied under the new branch arrangement have been

    carefully specified to provide suitable viewing angles and picture quality. The cost of this branch-specified

    kit is expected to be less than GBP 1,700. Comparable equipment sourced through conventional suppliers in

    Britain would be significantly more.

    When will this equipment become available? We expect the first shipment of this equipment to be

    available for distribution to congregations within a few months.

    How can an order be placed? Please contact your Local Design/Construction Department field

    representative, who will be able to arrange supply.

    How should this equipment be funded? When the request has been approved by the field

    representative, the cost should be announced to the congregation. The cost will then be covered by local

    donations and/or Kingdom Hall operating funds. This specific donation should then be included in the

    congregation’s monthly remittance to the worldwide work fund.

    What should we do with projection equipment that becomes surplus to requirements? We

    would recommend that this be sold locally to recoup some of the cost originally invested in this equipment.

    We are sure that this new provision will be valuable to you in reaping the greatest benefit possible

    from our meetings. Please be assured of our warm Christian love and best wishes.

    Your brothers,

    Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

  • konceptual99
    If the cost is "less than 1,700 pounds" for this equipment, what is the quality going to be like? Usually, when you cheap out, stuff will crap out just when you need it most. Items costing "significantly more" often last significantly longer or produce significantly better reception (or both).

    It depends. They have probably done a deal via a brother with connections. One of the biggest independent online AV retailers in the UK is owned by Witnesses for example. The main thing that monitors are designed to do at extra cost is work 24/7. Halls don't need this so you can get a decent screen from a decent manufacturer, bearing in mind there are only a handful of factories producing all the screens in the world anyway.

    As for UHD, I can't see anything in the letter about that. Regardless, the videos will almost certainly be produced in 1080p, probably 4K given the hardware to do this is not that expensive now and it's one area where the borg never skimp. Many congregations download the material to avoid streaming issues so they can download at 1080p HD at their leisure.

    One thing I do agree with is the hypocrisy of yet again influencing congregations to dip their hands in their pockets when they would criticise an individual for doing so AND after having nicked all the cash anyway.

  • freddo

    Send us yer lolly! Don't worry we'll look after you.

    Thank you for your kind donation! We are amazed at the response from Jah's loving people!

    Here's your Society-approved projectors! Come and get'em. That'll be £1,000 please.

    I know you thought we would ship at no extra charge. What we really said was that you need to pay up. Pronto! Now enjoy jworgasm on your shiny screen.

    ... Later ...

    Don't keep too much money in your bank account. Trust us. We'll look after you.Send it to us. Thank you - blah - chariot - blah Governing Body really love you - blech.

    ... Later ...

    Get rid of your projector and have 3 x TV's, on us! Yes that's right! For just £1700 you can have 3 TV's from us! No FROM us not ON us!

  • Finkelstein

    Kingdom Halls are really Watchtower training centers, so having TV monitors is not really out of place.

    Brainwashing via video presentation is the New Light .

  • SadElder

    Note it says "initially" one standard kit will be available. Do they have further plans for TV worship connected to Bethell? Perhaps soon there will only be video programs at the dumbhall.

    In the US on big supplier of equipment was Audio Acoustics. Since I don't have an access code to the jw.org supplier list I can't tell if there are others. I still get periodic e-mails from Audio Acoustics with announcements and such.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Good grief!!

  • baldeagle

    This GB is really pushing their luck in the local congregations. Many JW’s struggle just to make ends meet. I hope this makes the flock wake up more and more. I also hope it comes back to bite the GB for their brazen and smug attitude.

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