2016-2-9-BOE--Screens for Video Playback!

by Atlantis 21 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • stillin

    In a semi-related train of thought, I have wondered whether the Society is subject to the same laws which make certain subliminal messaging against the law for public viewing. There are any number of methods available to further indoctrinate the sleeples.

    I would hate to jeopardize my awareness!

    Sure, there are plenty of tugs on the emotions. If people are thinking at all, they can see those for what they are. But the other tricks of the trade are more sinister.

    Do I sound like a "mentally diseased apostate?

    On a more balanced note, there are a lot of subliminal messaging techniques that ARE legal. The results are debatable, but it seems like the WTS is grabbing at straws these days.

  • tiki
    So they siphon out all cong funds....comandeer ownership of the buildings....then have the gall to advise the purchase of equipment and charge for it? Seriously...they took all the money, its in their coffers, they should provide the video stuff for free. What a racket and they slip under legal radar with their beloved donation arrangement. Wonder what sort of a grand profit the screen supplier is making off with.

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