Having No Political Opinion Is Bull Crap

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  • Ame SF
    Ame SF

    Hello, I'm Ame and after such heartwarming feedback last time from my other topic sharing my current situation, I felt the urge to just share an experience of mine that accrued a few weeks ago.

    I was at McDonalds with my mother and little brother, eating our food and in the background was the news playing on the TVs they had in the dining area. And what were they talking about on the news?

    Gun Control.

    Now, I love the news. I love the debates, the weather channel, the harmless interviews.. just because you learn much from them. Yes some may argue its propaganda, which I agree at times especially with some of the ISIS debate and everything, but Gun Control is not. (my opinion, *alarm sounds* my opinion coming up!)

    I think banning Guns should not happen. Here is why-

    Sweden. Guns are illegal in Sweden, but yet they have a high crime rate. So, lets take this example and apply it TO america. People will still kill other people, either with guns or not, and banning them will make people less aware of a threat. I've come to realize people enjoy doing the things that are AGAINST the law. (oh of course they do *eyeroll*) So you see my point. It's not the guns that kill people, it's the PEOPLE that kill the other people.

    So yeah, just imagine me saying all of THAT to my mom.

    She used the same old defense, saying how being a JW means you are neutral and stuff. Basically she was telling me,"You are not allowed an opinion at all, even though having an opinion is what makes you human." I tried changing the focus off of me to "other people", trying to make it seem as though I am stating what other people ("worldly people") think instead of myself; Even though I had the opinion that "Other people" did. But STILL, she kept putting the focus on me, saying to stop stating "other people's" opinions, because then I'd start believing them. You can imagine what tangent she went on about later. As servants of Jehovah, Jesus said~, one who lives by the sword dies by the sword, yada yada.

    It was likely evident to her that I would win this debate, so she used her "parent authority" to shut me up. She said in a very full-of-herself attitude,"Why don't we discuss this with your father and siblings during family worship and see in the bible what Jehovah thinks, hm?"

    You all have no idea how much I wanted to just flip that table we were sitting at and stick up the finger. The alternate timelines that go through my head...

    So yeah, that happened. If I hear the sentence, "Let us see what Jehovah thinks.." once more I will go insane.

    I'm also going to the meeting tonight. Every Tuesday and Sunday until I am out of this hell. I didn't study (not like I ever do), wish me luck. Hopefully my mom won't get at me again for not commenting.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Sweden. Guns are illegal in Sweden, but yet they have a higher crime rate than america.

    Umm. . . . somehow I doubt this.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    Sorry, you be a little bit wrong I think:


    But I see it the same way like you: talking about politic help to understand so much. I work with laws, and you see so much more when you understand the history and politic. And I love to discuss these topics.

  • EndofMysteries
    Sorry, you be a little bit wrong I think:

    Sweden rapes 3rd in the world for rape, more then twice as much as USA. It's on that link you showed as well. Though USA is higher in other crime.

  • slimboyfat

    It's a matter of definition. Sweden defines various crimes differently. If there was a standard definition of crime across countries they would have a lower rate than most.

  • redvip2000


    It's not very helpful to compare the US with other countries in this respect, whether they have strict gun control when compared to crime rate.

    The US has a very unique situation because of the amount of guns that are already in the hands of its citizens, both law-abiding or not. For this reason, banning guns altogether is not feasible - at least not in a way that would work.

    Gun control in the US should instead mean that folks that are responsible and capable of owning a gun, are able to do so. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Almost anybody can buy a gun in some parts of our country, this is a problem. Also nobody checks if a gun owner is capable and knowledgeable about operating a gun, this is another problem.

    Owning a gun should he harder then getting a driver's license, much harder, but unfortunately, it's too easy.

  • Ame SF
    Ame SF

    Very good point redvip2000, It shouldn't be as easy as it is today.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I think the debate regarding gun control is a little beside the point of the thread from what I gather. Obviously that's a contentious issue, and seems to rarely go anywhere useful. Sidestepping that, I think the main thrust of the OP is quite worthwhile in examining: political neutrality in JW parlance is just a way of saying "you're not allowed an opinion." Some cults mandate a strict political ideology that must be followed, but I think the JW method may be perhaps an even stronger form of control. Instead of imposing a political ideology and stating that any ideas contrary to this are bad, they go a step further - they state that any ideas you have on the matter at all are bad.

    And our friend here has seen precisely what happens when you express "bad thoughts" to someone in the cult - you're reprimanded and threatened with more study as punishment. Indeed in this case, the study serves two purposes - thought reform (i.e. beat her over the head with the idea that her opinion is worthless) and public shaming (bring her in front of the whole family and make her talk about how she erred). The use of family worship to enforce the cult mentality is also effective because it's typically several people against one outlier, and the outlier experiences extreme social pressure to conform, whereas in a 1 on 1 setting there is significantly less intrinsic pressure.

    This is all typical cult control - honest discourse cannot be tolerated. You can only interact in the cult prescribed manner and any deviation will be punished. Honest discourse and exploration of other ideas is tantamount to suggesting that it is possible the cult ideas are not correct. This is a concept that is extremely uncomfortable to the indoctrinated mind and it causes the cult defenses to go up. The cultist switch flips and you're no longer dealing with the person you know but with JWBOT-2000.

    All that said, I think it would be a much more profitable approach for you to find an alternative outlet for your views on politics/religion/LGBTQ/etc type topics. Maybe finding another place that you can talk about things and really debate/discuss in an honest manner - this will help you to hold in things that will only cause discord with your parents but it will also allow you to really grow and develop as a person by exploring alternate ideas and opposing views. There's little to no benefit in engaging your parents because they have lots of power to make your life miserable and they are unlikely to fold based on anything you say at this stage.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    From what I've seen on this forum, once you're out of the JWs you tend to fall into the same spectrum of political opinion that everyone in "the world" does.

  • zeb

    as I have said before WT mothers .....aarrrgh!

    Their world is just so simplistic.

    Let me guess in this case she has no paid employment she doesn't have to face the outside world daily?

    "so stop quoting other peoples opinions" so what are jw doing by quoting the wt 'party-(ever changing).line?

    I cant add anything here that ohers alreadyhave but just to say you have my sympathy..

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