Having No Political Opinion Is Bull Crap

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  • stillin

    ame, my wife is the same way. If I have an opinion, I am "bing swept along by orldly thinking."

    Ao, as you can imagine, conversation in our marriage takes effort because I am not allowed to think anything.

  • ttdtt
    Sweden. Guns are illegal in Sweden, but yet they have a higher crime rate than america.

    So you are trying to draw a comparison between Guns and Crime - you should draw the comparison between Guns and Gun deaths.
    If not your argument is the same as what the WT uses for Evolution (miss direction and a false question).

    Gun deaths in Sweden per 100,000 people is 1.47
    Gun deaths in the USA per 100,000 people is 10.57

    The USA has a 7 times higher rate than Sweden.

    Also the USA has 112 guns per 100 people where Sweden has 31 guns per 100 people.

    So your point on that doesn't make sense.

    By the way - check out Australia - it is a .93 x 100,000 and they used to be a country that had loose gun laws and changed all that in the 80's


  • WTWizard

    Political opinion is one thing--and people should be able to have them. Political FACT is quite another--it is a FACT that gun control does not work because only criminals and tyrants will have guns (and people having guns to defend themselves works to deter criminals and tyrants). This can be verified with in-depth research--the more you research the topic objectively, the more obvious it becomes.

    It is also a political FACT that the bankers run by the Rothschild system have ruined countries. Just look at what happened to the dollar before 1913, and then since 1913 when the Fed got slipped in by Traitor Wilson. You can argue about whether or not his opponent would have done that, but what has happened to the dollar under the Fed is blatantly obvious.

    Problem is, the jokehovians are not even entitled to have feelings about these proven facts. You can prove, using government statistics, that gun control does not work. You can prove that the Fed ruined our dollar. You can prove, using the government's own statistics, that higher speed limits do not lead to more carnage (texting while driving, drink driving, and idiot drivers that cannot pay attention to the road do). Yet, you are not even allowed to mention these proven facts as a jokehovian, even if you have all the research to back it up (hint: It is very lengthy.)

    Seems the jokehovians will not do anything to improve the world, even if it is proven. Yet they expect joke-hova, who simply wants us all enslaved--said fact which can be proven using their own damnation book, to take care of everything. The jokehovians don't even want people making personal improvements--physical yoga, a clean diet (and I am not meaning sugar, fat, and salt--I mean other poisons added on purpose to your food), exercise, and simple meditations can do that. No wonder so many of them are sick.

  • BluesBrother

    I am not going to talk about gun control, or Brexit, or any other actual issues, The thread title was that having no opinion on things is B.S.

    That is so true. Officially a J W has no opinion about the issues of the day - he is focussed on the Kingdom and neutral. In practice the all have viewpoints just like the rest of us, They just do not dare say so unless in the company of trusted family or friends.

  • snare&racket

    I'm addicted to politics. I remember the PO taking me aside when I was about 21 yrs old because I watched Question Time (uk politics show) and was engrossed In politics,

    I love predicting the chess moves these sneaky 'movers and shakers' make and even more fun, predicting/guessing mass human behaviour and reaction.

    It's so interesting and fascinating. I visited Westminster this last weekend. Democracy is not perfect, but it's better than the past attempts at managing human actions and it's somehow beautiful.

    Get stuck into politics, it's exciting times (.....no it's not Armageddon coming!)

    snare X

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