"Are you humble enough to admit you were wrong?"

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  • Magnum

    If you get the opportunity, try it and let us know how it goes.

    Just a thought about JWs and humility. JWs think we lack humility and that they are humble.. However, we admit we were wrong, some of us for decades. Most JWs can't even remotely visit the possibility that they and their GB idol could be wrong.

    Wake Me Up, really appreciated your post; very insightful.

    Londo111, oh, so very true!!!

  • tor1500


    I was raised by great parents...my Dad always said it's ok to be wrong, even as your Dad I could be wrong even your Mom....& you can tell us if we are wrong...but the he would end it with...but....watch your tone, we are your parents....

    Nothing wrong with being wrong, that's why in the 21st century, pencils still have erasers...

    It's not that witnesses don't like to say they are wrong but they must have the last word, even if they are wrong...I've experienced that so much...one of their favorite lines is..."But, at the same time"...

    Humbleness is not a characteristic of a witness...oh they pretend to be, but they can turn on you like a rabid dog...most people in places of worship are extremist...they are either on the lamppost or on a bar stool or worshipping & telling other folks what to do & they don't do it because most folks think just walking through the door of a place of worship makes them holy...

    Again, most religious folks have an issue with arrogance and pride, they are tight with God & you are not...

    Oh, but they think they are humble because what other org. says they are wrong when it comes to the scriptures... most say, the FDS is so humble they even admit when they are wrong...but even their correction is their correction...not from the bible, so it can change...

    Many of uneducated so this gives them some sense of pride...& sometimes when folks are ignorant they can be dangerous...because they want to hide their ignorance...

    So, no witnesses are not humble enough, that's why there are so many of them...Me, I'm a witness but if you go on EX JW sites, you better be humble because you'll find out a thing or two...because many have seen a thing or two...love that commercial.


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