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  • AndersonsInfo

    You’ll find this article very long and very interesting. It was published as part of a series of articles in a quality newspaper in Southern Norway. As seen from the article, the journalists have been working on this article for several months. It is not sensational and the issue is looked upon from various angles.

    The Elder

    Around the world, the Jehovah's Witnesses are faced with thousands of accusations that they are not doing enough to prevent child abuse. A Norwegian citizen and former Elder is sentenced to jail in Spain, having abused a four-year-old girl. The same man is said to also have abused children in Norway.

    by Tarjei Leer-Salvesen and Connie Bentzrud

    This is a translated version of an article that was first published in Norwegian language on April 13, 2018.

    Spain, November 2014:

    In the small and inviting town Altea, slightly north of Alicante, an 84-year-old Norwegian man lives with his wife. He has been married twice earlier, but now he has settled. At Costa Blanca, the White Coast, the man lives in company with many Norwegians, most of them pensioners.

    A number of his friends are members of the Scandinavian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Altea.

    In his congregation, he has a high status. He is an Elder. This means he is a man who speaks at meetings, one whom the others listen to, one who counsels others who share his faith. He is among those who maintain contact with the hierarchy in the organization surrounding their congregation. He is one the others look up to. Being an Elder is a privilege.


  • LV101

    Thanks for the info/Barbara -- reading now. What power and money get away with in this world.

  • Phizzy

    Thanks Barbara. Another disgusting Paedophile who seems to have got away with abuse for years.

    The Article seems very well researched and presented, nothing for JW's to latch on to as "inaccurate".

    The Congregation in Spain seems to be innocent of any knowledge, therefore innocent of not taking action, as many Elders have failed to do. One wonders about the Congregation in Norway though, did no one there have a clue ???

    May the bastard rot and then die in Prison, the typical arrogance of the Paedophile is evident in telling the Reporters to "Go fuck" themselves. No remorse,. Scumbag.

  • amicabl

    Thanks for this.

    His worst punishment is yet to come. When and if he comes out of prison he has to face the remainder of his miserable existence with no family or friends, and the possible prospect of further criminal charges in Norway.

  • LV101

    SPOT on, Phiz!

    Looks like the Warwick Vatican is still calling all the shots and the good ole boys and families are gagged. They should all, personally, be responsible for this horror. Someone needs to be held accountable -- there's no such thing as justice/unreal!

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    I want every active jw to read this article and ask themselves- how would the true God allow his organization to allow this? This is proof jw is not the true religion- wake up sleepy Jws- get out of her so you are not sharing in her sins

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The news articles around the world are getting better and better in exposing the WT corporation as evil and manipulative, they are done with so much research which btw is all because of the easy access of the internet.

    Dateline & Panorama were just the first among many to do an expose of this horrible mind control cult that exploits people for profit$ around the world. The WT will never be able to out live this worldwide shame as one country after another finds out the true nature of this wolf in sheep's clothing thanks to the internet and investigative reporting.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Despite any positive changes at Watchtower, they verify that the first step any elders take is reporting to Watchtower before all else. The internal investigation still takes priority over any criminal investigation for them. They may still interfere with the criminal investigation by delaying and by their amateur interviews that may taint later professional ones. They still allow for defining and searching for "sin" ahead of reporting crimes.

    They may say they don't discourage reporting to the police, but they don't automatically do it themselves. Accompanying a child to the police and standing with them to encourage them coming forward with criminal charges does not mean they have already determined guilt. If a child came forward with a murder accusation against an adult, they would take them to the police. It should be the same difference.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Excellent reporting!

    It seems that JW victims are either not aware or considering that reporting to the police is absolutely necessary to prevent harm to other victims.

  • Giordano

    Thank you Barbara.

    I think this is an excellent article because it get's into some of the reasons this hasn't been widely known about.

    For one, the victims are young, easily confused by what is going on and easy to be controlled by intimidation ......don't tell mommy or else!

    If the abuse is coming from within the family or is a person of importance in the congregation by JW standards........... the abuse is free to continue.

    According to this article and evidence that turned up...... it continued for 50 years with this one miserable SOB.

    The two witness rule is one train wreck,,,,,,,,,,, the other is the inability of the Elders and the Society to treat this situation as a crime instead of a sin. There is no urgency....... no call to protect the child........ because their are barriers in place.

    The Society and the local congregations have hidden behind three things......the two witness rule, the state laws that apply when it comes to reporting a sex abuse crime or making a confession known and having a young child face their molester.

    Is the slow response of the WT legal department also part of the problem. Does anyone care that the second witness ie physical evidence of the disintegrating as they wait and ponder.The child is still in danger but neither the Society nor local Congregation is in a rush.

    On the other hand if someone sets fire to their beloved KH does anyone wait to notify the Legal Department if there was only one witness to the crime?

    It seems to me the Society..... like the Catholic Church and others...... are more proficient in stacking the deck against the victim then in helping the victim.

    They do not fear for the child near as much as they fear that their man made brand name of a religion and their corporate masters should have to endure some bad publicity.

    I have come to a simple conclusion........ every JW including the GB all the Bethel heavies, the Branch servants........... all the way down to the Elders and every JW congregant...... has been compromised.

    The corporation comes first. Their Real Estate comes second, their Truth is third, their God..... Fourth, Jesus? He was dismissed years ago.

    The only one in the Bible who did not want the children to be hindered from coming to him.

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