Your Jehovah’s Witness Is Showing

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  • JRK


    Welcome to the forum.

    How many people did you convert to be a JW by hitting them over the head with "The Truth?"

    How many people will you convince to be an atheist by hitting them over the head with facts? Probably both nil.

    I do not feel compelled to convert anyone anymore. The best thing about hitting your head against the wall, is how good it feels when you quit.


  • WatchtowerReviewz

    Excellent post. I noticed this in myself a few months after waking up too. It's one thing if you are directly asked about religion and you decide to respond. However, responding to people who didn't ask for your opinion is really no different than the JW who knocks on your door uninvited. Like everything there are exceptions to this. JWs being one of those exceptions.

  • Alive!

    Hi David Jay,

    I've re-read your posts on this thread several times - I felt like someone had put into words the very things I am working through....and beautifully written too, thank you!

    Like you, I would have been considered 'bright' - had a reputation amongst friends for being 'quirky' with a tendency to live to the beat of my own drum.

    I was 'loveable' to some lovely friends, on a one to one basis I developed loving, long lasting relationships - but I was not the sort that 'easily fitted in' to the big crowd social scene. I was a one to one person.....

    My quirky idealism found fertile soil when I met some JWs informally - and like you, I quickly declared 'this has the ring of truth'.

    I loved studying, pouring over scripture and making the 'truth' my own.

    As we all know, the truth is that the truth was never 'my own' but someone else's - and was subject to change at a whim. So after hours upon hours, years upon years of self indoctrination, plying awkward scripture to make it fit 'new light' - my inner light, my inner gut was really struggling, if that makes sense.

    After years of loving the 'food' - I'd read publications and felt spiritually and intellectually impoverished, literally.

    I turned to the writings of great poets and writers, I felt rest and peace in sharing their thoughts, I felt I saw 'the image of God' in the entire human race with a new clarity.

    What I mean is that, I started to 'humanise' and being amongst JWs, being carved into a corporate branded form of 'Christianity' felt painful.

    i wouldn't say I'm 'thriving' post fading away from the 60 years and a touch menopausal (lol) I'm fighting for a stronger will and more energy - it's been one hell of a journey! But wonderful life keeps rolling out and I'm trying to balance self- discovery and a strong desire to 'know myself' and face my less 'godly' aspects, whilst keeping perspective on why I was attracted to the strange cult like environment of JWs.

    So 'showing your JW' was a phrase that got my attention.......cheers. A great read...and for me personally, immaculate timing!

  • Phizzy

    Dear David-Jay, that is a wonderful post ! and I can identify so much of myself in your story and experiences.

    These phrases resonated with me : " You kept the childish attitude." And :

    " The problem is not your latest belief, it’s how you see yourself and your personal choices in comparison to that of others.”

    When I first left the religion I was a child intellectually, and educationally, the WT/JW "religion" keeps us, born-in ones particularly, but all JW's, that way, if they can.

    I too was evangelical about Atheism,Critical Thinking, Rationalism etc etc, it took my oldest son, who is not at all religious, to pull me up with a comment something like " Yea, but we really don't know if there is more to life and the universe etc than pure materialistic views".

    Since then I have been careful to be fully conscious that different views, whether evidence based or not, are fine for another individuals to hold. I will explain my own feelings on matters if asked, but not insist they are right,and even less that someone else should see things as I do.

    I was in for 58 years, it has taken me six or eight years since leaving to grow up, and hopefully to be more like Randall and his folks, and your good self of course.

  • macys
    Great post. I have always been the live and let live kinda girl myself but there are caveats.
  • Sabin

    David Jay,

  • redpilltwice

    “What’s wrong?” I asked.

    Randall’s mom, Eileen, spoke up. “You’re Jehovah’s Witness is showing,” she said.

    Thanks for your intriguing story David-jay! There is a lot to read on this forum, but I'm glad that I took the effort to read all of your story. In fact, I learned from it. It showed me that I might need to excorcise more of my Borg-infected mindset than I tend to believe. Regardless the shame of being deceived, the brainwashing has proven to be very effective, no matter someone's intelligence. That's a fact

  • JWdaughter
    When I saw the title, I already knew what this would be about and you articulated it beautifully. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, only its not as well written as yours;)
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Best Thread Ever

    Still a believer in the Bible but can totally relate thank you !!

  • stuckinarut2

    Great post!

    Very sincere and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing!

    I agree that especially for those born in, or who got "the truth" when young, it is common to develop very critical and self righteous attitudes and views about other people's beliefs or values.

    After all, we were always told how "unique, or special" we were as "gods only true followers". To an immature person, that is toxic, and shapes our mindset in a harmful way.

    So I agree that as one who has learned TTATT in recent years, it has been a refreshing journey to reshape my thinking and attitudes to people around us.

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