Your Jehovah’s Witness Is Showing

by David_Jay 38 Replies latest jw experiences

    Great post ! I needed this cos my JW is showing like Mae Wests cleavage ! I have got to hit the JW Delete button this year and soon !!!
  • fukitol
    Superb. I see the JW in so many ex-JWs, both on this forum and amongst friend's and family. I see it in myself sometimes. From preaching new age beliefs to atheism, the JW evangelist impulse can be hard to extinguish. It's a form of arrogance really.
  • Alive!

    Lol @ fukitol.

    I think I may be stuffed.

  • Vanderhoven7
    Welcome David. Your OP is a keeper. Thank you!
  • Bonsai

    Thanks for sharing your experiences David_Jay.

    I hope someday I can become like Randall's family, but I'm not there yet, nor do I wish to be at this time. My emotions and disappointment towards religion is just too raw right now. If people are going to gush about their mega church or their religious experience, I want to know if there is any substance to it. *If there isn't then they need to be called out for it. Otherwise, they might spread unsubstantiated superstitions and try to pass them as fact, duping gullible people. There has been a continuous cycle where mankind has been abused by religion and superstition. I don't think showing indifference and apathy to that abuse helps in any way.

  • Daniel1555

    Hi David

    Such a wonderful first post. Your words contain a lot of truth for all of us, because this little "Jehovahs Witness" is really showing sometimes, for some more, for some less. You will also realize it here in this forum.

    I wish you all the best from my heart.

  • vivalavida

    Hi David_Jay,

    Loved the experience! What an amazing life lesson.

    I just recently finished reading "The science Delusion" (US Title "Science Set Free") and it made me realize that, even though in a lot of aspects we've gotten to a point where practicality dictates that our momentary understanding of science works and might be on the right track, there is still so much that we still do not know, and only an attitude of "I only know that there is so much to learn" will take us beyond our wildest dreams as humans. On the other hand, if, as it often happens, we think we're the owners of the truth, we'll end up just being stuck.

    Your OP made me think about that again and, not only that, showed me how to put the whole thing in practice in real life. Oh and I am going to start using this with my x-jw friends: "Hey, your jehovah's witness is showing" more often.

    Thanks again for an excellent writing.


  • dubstepped
    Love this thread. You see it so much on here. Too bad those who show their dubness are often not as humble as you. Often they're too lost in their own hype to consider anyone else, just like the dubs. Beautiful experience, thanks for sharing.
  • Alive!

    "You are not big enough to accuse the whole age effectively, but let us say you are in dissent. You are in no position to issue commands, but you can speak words of hope. Shall this be the substance of your message? Be human in this most inhuman of ages; guard the image of man for it is the image of God. –Thomas Merton"

    I like it.

    Does this quote belong here on this thread?

  • NeverKnew

    Randall’s mom, Eileen, spoke up. “You’re Jehovah’s Witness is showing,” she said.

    Social faux pas... it happens. Be grateful you were around people who loved you. :)


    A non-jw

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