Islam is RIGHT about Women

by Simon 21 Replies latest social current

  • punkofnice

    I thought this was amusing. Many people that have been conditioned by the media et al, to not only hate Islam but also accept it under 'inclusivity' (and other meaningless lefty buzzwords). The cog dis is strong with this one.


    I'm not into discussing the rights or wrongs of Islam, but f*** the lefty regressives.

  • Vidiot
    Resolute - “...This is exactly what happened in the 1979 Iran revolution, the Ayatollah rose to power on the back of the lefty students and then put them all against the wall.”

    I’d forgotten about that.

    Stalin wasn’t huge fan of authentic liberal ideology, either, was he? And I think the neocons (particularly Cheney) had considerable disdain for the Religious Right, too.

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