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  • jp1692
    I looked for loopholes in our publications

    This implies the publications are law. They are not, but the WT leadership wants you to believe they are.

  • waton
    This implies the publications are law. They are not, jp1692

    but, nothing shuts up an elder quicker than being shown that his action is out of thep with a given publication, date and page cited. I kept photocopies of juicy items in the front and back covers of my bible. and

    P.S. wt wants you to confine any arguments to their publications, and not verify them indpendantly with the scriptures that everything is supposed to be based on, but isnt.

  • lastmanstanding

    Was it the April or May broadcast where tight pants Tony or Morris the Dufus, talked about the prior counsel, from years back, from the Slave LOL, where he said they went “well beyond the intent of the Scriptures “

    There are no Scriptures used to establish their main point, that kiddies can understand and hence should get dunked...

    More “beyond the Scriptures “...

  • FedUpJW

    so that I could spend time with my daughter and my granddaughter.

    And of course the grand-daughter must be shunned too. I wonder what the poor little girl did to warrant her shunning?

  • Gorbatchov

    So then, baptized abused childs can be disfellowed, because they did not shout for help.

    Maffia sect.


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