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  • Listener

    The first study article is about getting Bible Studies and children baptized. There is much more emphasis placed on parents to get their own children baptized rather than focusing on Bible students.

    They try to impress on others the need for urgency. We are told that it is not enough to live by God's high moral standards, it is also necessary to attend meetings and witness. No scripture is quoted for the requirement to attend meetings.

    One who is pursuing righteousness would also be present at congregation meetings and have a meaningful share in the lifesaving preaching and disciple-making work

    They seem to be lowering the bar as to how young an individual can be for baptism but they do make it clear that an infant can't get baptized.

    the Bible does not specify an age at which a person should get baptized.... Thus, the goal of all Christian parents should be to teach their children from infancy with the intention of helping them become baptized disciples of Christ. Granted, an infant would not qualify for baptism. However, the Bible shows that even relatively young children can grasp and appreciate Bible truths.

    No longer is it necessary to have an 'accurate knowledge of God', instead, having a basic knowledge is acceptable. Biblical examples are used to support this idea.
    what can you do when your child expresses a heartfelt appreciation for basic Scriptural teachings, including the meaning and significance of dedication and baptism? You Christian parents may conclude that he can contact the congregation elders to see if he meets the qualifications to get baptized.

    The issue of a parent not allowing their child to be baptized due to the fear of sinning and the df arrangement is again raised. Either way, they replace one fear with another fear, there's no escape. They argue that not baptizing a child for fear of this is 'deceptive reasoning' and that

    a child is accountable to God when the child knows what is right and what is wrong in Jehovah’s eyes

    The QFR discusses the all important topic of why they depict Paul as being bald or having little hair. It is not biblically based.

    I was a little startled to see this comment which is not very 'ladylike' speech. It's likely that a bunch of blokes see nothing wrong with this type of speech.

    Your feelings about others: Is there someone in your congregation who rubs you the wrong way?

    A further study article says it is an obligation of Christians to show hospitality and even optional activities should be limited if necessary in order to make time to show hospitality.

    It seems like this may be a real need in the congregations and many must be having a problem socializing. One paragraph shows that there is an even more serious problem and they quote the Bible saying that showing hospitality to enemies will improve relationships. They are talking about these 'enemies' being JWs as the paragraph proceeds with the following -

    Extending hospitality to someone can reduce friction and soften hard feelings. It can bring to the surface lovable aspects of our guest’s personality, aspects that Jehovah saw when he drew that one to the truth

    They then instruct JWs to work out ways why you are inferior to other Brothers and Sisters which will result in better results from showing hospitality. Pretty much like a self inflicted demeaning exercise.

    Another article discusses discipline and states that Jehovah's discipline is never cruel or abusive.

    Apparently, you have to be 'authorized' in order to provide scriptural discipline, even though they
    previously wrote that discipline primarily relates to education.

    What fine qualities will help elders to be effective shepherds of God’s flock?
    17 All who are authorized to give Scriptural discipline are wise when they imitate Christ’s example. Indeed, their doing so reflects their desire to be molded by God and his Son. The apostle Peter wrote: “Shepherd the flock of God under your care

    Listen to Jehovah. Let him instruct you in child-rearing by means of his Word and the guidance we receive through his organization

    Being obedient to the disfellowshipping arrangement is seen as one of the greatest tests on some parents.
    Consider the example of a mother whose disfellowshipped daughter left home. The mother admits: “I looked for loopholes in our publications so that I could spend time with my daughter and my granddaughter.” She adds: “But my husband kindly helped me to see that our child was now out of our hands and that we must not interfere.”

    So now, if you are disfellowshipped, your JW parents can not spend time with your young children. Looking for loopholes is wrong. These men are officially morally sick but according to them, it's Jehovah's wisdom.

    If you have a disfellowshipped child, will you “trust in Jehovah with all your heart [and] not rely on your own understanding”? (Prov. 3:5, 6) Remember, Jehovah’s discipline reflects his matchless wisdom and love. Never forget that he gave his Son for all, including your child. God wants no one to be destroyed. (Read 2 Peter 3:9.) So have faith in Jehovah’s discipline and direction. Do so even when it pains you, the parent, to do what Jehovah says. Yes, work with God’s discipline, not against it.

  • stillin

    Sad that the rank and file have to be constantly bombed with this. The "truth" should be plenty evident without being beaten with it and looked down upon by your peers because you love your wayward children.

    Maybe the hospitality is missing in the congregations because there is a sense that nobody really loves anybody anyhow.

  • menrov

    This statement is what bothers me (well, there are more but this one is beyond the scriptures):

    a child is accountable to God when the child knows what is right and what is wrong in Jehovah’s eyes

    A child is accountable to its parents as long as the child is considered a minor.

  • punkofnice

    What utter controlling, 'mind cleansing™' and disgusting balderdash. Get 'em craptised™ young, then they are in WBT$ paedophile protecting control. It's creepy.

    Oh, how the Governing body love to abuse (take that how you want), children!

  • menrov

    The mother admits: “I looked for loopholes in our publications so that I could spend time with my daughter and my granddaughter.” She adds: “But my husband kindly helped me to see that our child was now out of our hands and that we must not interfere.”

    You wonder why they have a bible at all if it is not even used for such harsh events

  • pomo6780

    Excellent post. I'll check out that article.

    Just a minor clarification, I think jws believe that "accurate knowledge" exists even within the basic teachings. As long as you believe it, they've got you.

  • tiki

    I read this and wish I hadn't. What a hateful religion. Don't let your kids be kids...turn them into dub drones...don't show any love or consideration to your offspring if they opt out of the religion....and that sickening diatribe about hospitality and people you don't cotton to....what about basic personality differences...its just normal to have a better rapport with some...they just don't want any room for personal choice. Anything normal human nature dictates they want to squelch. No wonder theses such depression in the religion...but oh no....drum it into them how happy they are. BS

  • tiki

    And frankly...who really gives a damn how much hair Paul had on his head....seriously people.....if that is bothering you, go get a life.

  • ttdtt

    I am SOO glad I am out of this horrible CULT!

  • no-zombie

    While I haven't read the article, its funny how witnesses can see that its ok for children as young a 8 (and now possibly even lower) getting baptized, when the son of God; Jesus at 12 (who's outstanding spiritual and biblical understanding made the priests in the temple listen in awe) still remained in subjection to his parents and waited until he was 30 (the age of a man by jewish custom) to be baptized by John.


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