I guess "New Boy" is now "The Bethelite"

by The Bethelite 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • dugout

    Yooooo!!!! your book was intence gonna read it again. at one point I was hypnotized. Yo! When the student is ready the teacher arrives. The truth-Man has created God in his image. The church leaders have cre ated gods like themselves mean,hate ful jealous and vengeful.yo!!!! And might I add Bossy. hey man thanks I'm gonna wait for part 2. orrrrrr?????? write my own book.

    peace Dugout

  • sparky1

    Keith has 5 positive reviews at Amazon so far. If you've read his book and find it useful and entertaining, why not support him and post a review. This is great stuff...let's show our appreciation for his hard work.

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