Those formula prayers. I want to scream

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  • zeb

    Yes I agree dear ones.

    All those prayers that just 'jehovah' us to death. Are they so damn insecure they have to say 'Jehovah' every second line. What did Jesus say about heathens who use a multitude of words thinking it has more effect. (words to that effect).

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    krejames an hour ago

    And don't get me started on the prayers before mealtimes .....

    I couldn't stand praying at mealtime...this was the first thing that I dropped when I began my fade. Why would I thank Jehovah for the food I'm eating (as if he specifically had anything to do with it) when all of my non JW neighbors also have food to eat just like I do and they don't even believe in God. What about all the starving people around the glove. Why would Jehovah help me and not them? Answer....he didn't !

    My wife is from a family of Elders,Pioneers, Bethelites who are the type to pray even when eating at a restaurant. I remember an awkward moment when I was asked at a family dinner to say the prayer.

    (Sitting at a huge table full of these relatives all with their heads bowed)

    Mother in Law: "Pete...can you ask Jehovah's blessing for us?"

    Pete with his head also bowed: " No thank you"

    Mother in Law: " umm...pardon??"

    (Table full of relatives heads bowed but looking at Pete over the tops of their eyes)

    Pete: " Oh..I said, no thanks...ask someone else please"

    (long silence...everyone's heads still bowed)

    Mother in Law. "Um..uhhh...well...errr....I suppose we could all just say our own"

    (Table full of people with heads bowed pretending to pray the appropriate length, each one not wanting to be the first to be done lest he or she look spiritually weak)

    What followed was a lively discussion as to where in the bible it say's we're supposed to pray before eating. No one knew for sure but they did know something was going on with ol' Pete and they didn't like it one bit.

  • Dunedain

    Pete Zahut - Your story had me laughing, dude. I am just picturing everybody sitting there like dipshits, with their heads down, wondering "whats going on with Pete", lol. Funny shit.

    Anyway, it really was kind of absurd that everyone would basically say the same thing in each prayer. It was essentially a shuffling around of sentences. This sentence in front of that one, and that one in front of this one, but always the same sentences.

    Yet, these same brothers would condemn "false religion" because THEY would recite the same prayers. Well, what was the difference, none, that's what.

    Funny story, I heard about a brother who when giving the concluding prayer, he blew the whistle on himself. The brother was committing fornication, and in his prayer he said, "and Jehovah please forgive us for our sins, and myself for the fornication I have committed". DOH, talk about putting your foot in your mouth, lol.

  • stillin

    Good story, Pete. My wife and I had the CO and the DO for dinner once. I would usually give a couple of minutes advance notice to whomever I, as the Head of House, chose to represent the rest of us in prayer. I had not done that. Instead once we had sat down and there was that moment of expectancy, I asked my wife to represent us. Split second of dead silence. Priceless!

  • Lostandfound

    One pompous brother often used the phrase..."...let us linger longer in your presence..."

    Me , I wanted to linger less and get home!

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