New Spanish speaking exjw YouTube channel has 48,543 subscribers • 3,178,290 views in just 26 days

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  • Not_Culty
  • Not_Culty

    Her English channel

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Wow...she'll reach 50,000 in a few days...with well over 3 million views! Telltale, an exJW has over 80,000 subscribers...John Cedars has over 40,000 with viewership well into the hundreds of thousands...and all are risen!

    It wouldn't surprise me if worldwide, in different languages there are similar high numbers of ex jdub youtubers with their channels with high viewership & subscribers. Most of this growth in 2018...what will 2019 bring? Look for them to double if not triple.

    Without a doubt...the exJW ranks will go on increasing while WT Mother & her brood rapidly continue decreasing...Yay!

  • nowwhat?

    As you know Spanish are very family driven. That's why we used to see so much growth when whole families came in. Now you will see whole families leaving!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    All indications are...2019 will be muy bueno for the exJW community and not muy bueno for WT Mother!😊

  • Listener

    She has 10,000 dislikes which indicates that there are a lot of JWs watching. It would seem that Spanish JWs are more willing to listen to apostates.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    20,149 comments made between Dec 7th and Jan 1! That's amazing!

    It seems all the spanish speaking JW's are watching this video.

    I wonder if there will be a mass exodus of the spanish congregations due to this video? I wonder if they will go back to being Catholic again?

  • ToesUp

    Great news! Maybe this will inspire more Spanish speaking Ex JW's to make Youtube videos.

  • zeb

    I cant achieve the english version. Anyone help please?

  • Not_Culty
    How do I get English subtitles on YouTube?
    Select caption language
    1. Click the settings icon at the bottom of the video screen.
    2. Click Subtitles/CC.
    3. Click Auto-translate.
    4. Select a language

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