What Do Witnesses Do For Fun These Days?

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  • millie210

    In my area the JWs make a "get together" (party) out of anything...

    someone leaving for a privilege of service? Party

    Someone coming home from the same? Party

    Time to study Watchtower as a group before the meeting? Drag out the chips and dip!

    On and on it goes. The "party" is usually in someones home or yard because there is no money when you are a JW, if youve done it the way you're supposed to.

    The food is predictable, the mood is also. "Arent we glad we are the happiest people on earth? No one gets together and has as much fun as we do!"

    The drink is soft drinks and maybe beer if youre lucky. The mental drink is of course ...kool aid

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  • ScottyRex

    As a JW I still go out and play ping pong Minimus in leotard spanx and fishnets whilst juggling melons on my head and tickling squirrels.......... Next question please........ (20 years on)

  • Chook

    Talk about those who no longer following the corporation, talk talk talk. The best advice is to ask them to pray for you or say remember me when you get into your kingdom.

  • WTWizard

    Listening to the Kingdumb maladies (the new ones, of course). Watching the stuttering videos on their site--that can't even be served properly. Going in field circus, going to boasting sessions. Dreaming about going to Israel to do the ultimate stupid two-week mission.

  • Mum

    I've been out for so long I didn't know fun was allowed. We used to have picnics, invite one another over for dinner, denigrate people having a hard time, and see an occasional movie (usually on a holiday when everybody else was enjoying family time). Then I started thinking and then drinking Jack Daniel's . . . .

  • zeb

    Recreation is not an area I would normally comment on but I have said that jw as a group are among the unhealthiest of people. I recently sat near a jw group having a dinner. The amount of cream piled on afters was alarming for anyone who regards their heart as worth saving.

    re bowling. When I was 'in' there was a cong bowling night. Interesting. The sisters turned up in the shortest skirts and screamed hysterically when anyone scored, it was deafening. Never again.

  • JRK

    Nothing! They have sucked the fun out of everything!.

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