Does anyone have a photo copy they can share of a TMS topic?

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  • hoser

    I remember a brother in our hall sold his house, bought a motor home and took his wife and small kids in tow to go and pioneer. They divorced in the early 1980’s and both left “the truth”.

    I remember another brother coming to our house, probably 1976 and trying to convince my parents that the society lied to them. If only they would have listened my life would be profoundly different.

    The watchtower is good at using weasel words to tell you to do something without directly saying it. That way when it doesn’t work out they can absolve themselves of all liability.

  • LongHairGal


    Regarding the brother with the motor home who ended up getting divorced and leaving the religion: I’m sure they were so bitter about what didn’t happen at the end of 1975.

    When New Year’s Eve came they must have felt so tricked! I can imagine the fights in this and many JW homes of people who made sacrifices and risky decisions! (“What do we do now, genius? This was your idea, etc.”).

    Yes, some older JWs have privately said the religion Did predict 1975.. What bothers me is how well they hid it from unsuspecting new recruits such as myself who came in the years afterwards..I cringe when I think about a lot of things. I’m just so happy I got out of there! 🙏🏻

  • hoser


    My parents spent A LOT of money on this religion. Just the gas bill and keeping vehicles on the road cost them a fortune. They donated for and helped build a Kingdom Hall in the early 1980s. They helped maintain this hall over the past 40 years just to have it sold out from under them by Watchtower Inc. recently.

    My parents read this kingdom ministry in 1974. They attended that meeting when this was discussed. I attended that meeting. Although they didn’t sell their house in 1975 they gave way too much to this religion over the last 45 years.

  • JeffT

    I became a witness in 1973, at what was probably the peak of the 1975 mania. There was a really nice family (husband, wife and two young children) in the congregation that made the decision to sell their farm and go "where the need was greater." They were able to live off the proceeds of the farm sale for a few years, then struggled to put food on the table. I heard he had a nervous breakdown, but we didn't seem them. Of course the WTBS didn't lift a finger to help them.

  • smiddy3

    Happy Dad

    When I saw TMS I thought it meant Tony Morris, Sir

    some older JWs have privately said the religion Did predict 1975.

    Yes and I can vouch for that as well though in not so many words but they sure did imply it in many of their publications as has been well documented on this forum.

    Of course that`s when they believed that 6 thousand years of human history would end in 1975 .

    And of course back then what we didn`t know was that 1975 was a revision of an earlier date that had been promoted as the end of 6 thousand years of human history in the late 1800`s by the WT.

    And I recall praise given to those who sold up what they owned and went to serve where the need was great because the end was so close .

    I was baptized in 1960.

    Dummy me still stuck around till about 1993.

  • hoser

    some older JWs have privately said the religion Did predict 1975.

  • hoser

    One of my relatives vehemently denies that the watchtower society said anything about 1975. They claims it’s all made up by disgruntled witnesses that didn’t want to preach anymore.

  • Rattigan350

    If they sold their homes and property to finish the system in pioneer service, where would they live?

    How does selling their homes help anything?

    That's the issue that is not being considered.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Wow...I remember the years leading-up to 1975 only to well! A prominent WT D.O. had coined the phrase..."Stay Alive Til '75"!

    Many put their lives on hold over WT's speculation about 1975. One family in particular stands out: 1) The brother (elder) sold his home; 2) Quit his high paying job; 3) moved to 'where the need was greater' 4) spent/wasted all his money; 5) family broke apart...separated...divorced; 6) husband died disgrace; 7) wife died recently...was ill & suffered for years; 8) the rest of the children are grown adults...some disfellowshipped.

    This WT 1975 hunch turned out to be nothing but toxic and poisonous hype!

  • TonusOH

    One of my relatives vehemently denies that the watchtower society said anything about 1975.

    My mother insists that she understood this to be the case from very early on, and once told me that she corrected the woman giving her the Bible study when she was just starting. I am sure she believes that this is what happened now, but I don't believe it for a moment. I think she joined because she thought it was going to happen and figured that Armageddon would be a quick ticket out of a dreary life she had trapped herself in.

    When 1975 came and went and nothing happened, she accepted the company line and kept waiting for the end, since it was "very close." Almost 50 years later, she's still convinced that it will come any day now. She's a very smart and capable person, who squandered her talent and ability because she was waiting for something better to come along.

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