Who Do You Think Will Be The Nominees For President In The Next US Election?

by minimus 59 Replies latest jw friends

  • DesirousOfChange

    GOP : TRUMP (if he is healthy -- he's getting OLD)

    DEMs: Sanders, Biden, Booker, Bloomburg, Cuomo, -- Biden best known, but Booker is a new face that will bring in the minority vote

  • caves

    Minimus-I would like to see Chelsea run against her mother.

    I would implode and spontaneous combust. 😂 LOL Minimus

  • minimus

    Biden is a political animal and Sanders has an extremely loyal base. It could be someone no one is even thinking about like an Obama type

  • minimus

    Thank you Caves😬

  • Simon

    Hillary Clinton will elbow her way to the front again. She's pretty certain it's "her time" after all and everyone should be "with her". But it's not all about her, it's about what you think of her ...

    Who can forget such absolute debate zingers as "Trumped-UP trickle-down economics!" ? Oh, we see what you did there madame secretary. Well worth the weeks of practice, it came across so natural and off-the-cuff.

    Or Biden will run with his special creepy-touchy poses for the camera with whatever poor young girl can be coaxed near to him.

    I think the best will be that commie Cortez woman. Her in a debate will be pure comedy gold.

  • freddo

    Any Kennedys left?

  • sparrowdown

    Michelle Obama?

  • TheMark

    I'm going for Oprah, I like free stuff.

  • Biahi


  • Simon
    Any Kennedys left?

    Just leave a body in a car, it'll lure them out ...


    There's no way "Pocahontas" will run. She can scrape by as a Senator but the truth is she isn't really a minority but claimed the status to cheat her way into university and grants and in the heat of a presidential election, that point would be hammered over and over.

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