Why can JW's attend funerals or weddings in a church?

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  • QuestioningEverything

    What is the reasoning/policy behind the practice that a JW can't attend an event such as funeral or wedding in another church? I know of someone that didn't attend her older sisters funeral because it was held in a Baptist church. She waited outside until the service was over and then went to the family dinner afterwards. Now, my cousin may not attend her brother's wedding because it will be in a Catholic church--and you know the Catholic's are the JW's arch enemy.

    I was just wondering if there is something in writing somewhere that puts forth this policy to the JW's. It's ridiculous to me.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Because if Armageddon comes right then you’re going to die as fire and sulfur rain down upon all churches in Christendom.

    It is one of those “conscience matters” where JWs are all over the map on it.

    Some choose to go in because they don’t want to piss off family and the family realize JWs are assholes.

    Some don’t want to stumble their brothers and sisters in the congregation if they were to find out.

    The stance to not enter probably comes from statements like the following from the WT.

    W70 3/15:

    Thus there is no need for a Christian to feel obligated to go to a church funeral of another religious organization, where there may be the temptation to give in to pressure and follow the crowd when everyone else is performing some false religious act. Thus also the danger of performing an act of apostasy and displeasing Jehovah God can be avoided. But each one must decide for oneself on the basis of circumstances and one?s own conscience.

    Yeah. When it’s in print expressed this way militant JWs make it hard and fast rule.

  • jhine

    A neighbour who is a JW came to the funeral of a family member of mine ( in an Anglican church )as she knew the person quite well . l don't know if she got permission .


  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    In my early twenties I found myself visiting Rome and walking on the grounds of the Vatican. The other JWs I was with were freaking out and acting like petulant children, adamant that they must leave immediately lest Armageddon came and wiped us all out. I refused and told them all to go on to the next spot on the itinerary.

    I spent the next 2 hours inside the Sistine Chapel marveling at the ceiling and wonder that is Michelangelo.

    If armageddon came at that moment I did not care. It was worth it.

    I caught hell for that for years after. I like to think my travel companions were really just upset at themselves for being stupid. :)

  • Tech49

    Recently my wife and I went to attend her step-brother's wedding. They have grown closer over the last few years, making up for lost time. He isn't religious, but his fiancé/wife wanted a church wedding. They were married in a little church in the country, with a quaint group of close friends and family. It was very cool, and very photogenic. We took pics, they took pics, etc etc. Vic never even skipped a beat! When I asked her how she felt about it being in a "church", I had to smile when she said "who cares??!!, it makes THEM happy, and no one else needs to know where we went! I'm just tired of being afraid to do ANYTHING!"

    You see, JW's CAN do anything they want, despite what some might say. I really get exasperated when JW's say " we CANT do this or that"...like you cant make any decisions on your own... Do whatever the hell you want! It's just a matter of not SHARING what you do with anyone else. It's none of their business. STOP sharing every aspect of your life on FB and Instagram! Stop allowing other people to dictate your happiness and tell them to stay out of your personal space!

    STOP giving power to people who don't deserve it.

    Jack Harper, Tech49

  • RubaDub

    Being "in" the church is not the issue. Rather, it is potentially getting involved in the services that may include "false" worship.

    A close friend of mine remembered how Freddy Franz would include churches/cathedrals in his itinerary when traveling, especially the big ones in Europe.

    Rub a Dub

  • Tameria2001

    When I was still a JW and living at home with my parents, mom refused to even step in any church, even when for her niece's wedding, and a few short years later her funeral. My cousin was killed in a horrible traffic collision. We even sat out in the car outside the church during both times. Her answer was, what if Armageddon happened at the very moment we were inside a church, and God brought that building down on top of our heads? The ironic part was mom grew up as a Luthern and went to church every Sunday.

    The very first time I ever stepped foot inside a church was much later, and the fear I had about that building falling down on my head was quite intense. But I decided to overcome my fears, and I'm glad I did because that was one less thing the Watchtower had control over on me.

  • EverApostate

    Immediately after my baptism as a JW, I avoided numerous Birthdays, weddings (In Churches and temples), christening, funeral services and any other religious gatherings, hoping it was pleasing the almighty sky daddy.

    This also pleased my fellow JWs and I was flattered by their support for my zeal towards true Worship

    ONly if I had known then that Jehovah is a middle east tribal imagination.....

  • Vidiot
    the girl next door - "...I like to think my travel companions were really just upset at themselves for being stupid :smile:..."

    LOL, probably.


    ...wouldn't a truly stupid person not realize they're being stupid, and thusly have no reason to be upset at said stupidity?

  • ShirleyW

    Even my uber dub mom had to laugh at this but, when my aunt went to a wake in a church, a women she knew who was a JW walked up, looked at the body, then ran out the church, like she didn't want Jehovah to catch her paying respects to a colleague of hers, just amazing, how so many people buy in to their made up rules. I don't really remember that being a strict rule anyway until the late 60's, another flip-flop of theirs.

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