Why can JW's attend funerals or weddings in a church?

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  • ToesUp

    "Stop sharing every aspect of your life on FB and Instagram."

    Tech said if perfectly!!!

    I told this to a sister one time. Everyone was getting onto her about communicating with her sister (who was DF'd). I asked her how everyone knew she was communicating with her. She said, "I post it on FB." Well, there ya go!!! I told her to quit doing that, it is none of anyone's business what you do. The same goes to those who go around telling the Elders about what goes on in their bedrooms or private lives. IT'S NONE OF ANYONE'S BUSINESS!!!! The Elders make the rank and file feel like they are going to hell if they don't confess their sins to them. That's BS!!! Let the Elders know that they have zero power over you! We did this to a couple of Elders and quite frankly I think it blew their minds. I don't think anyone EVER pushed back on them. It was amusing to watch!! lol

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