I wrote to Mr. Angus Stewart regarding the "inactive" status claims made by the Watchtower at the ARC

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  • EdenOne

    I have received a reply from the Australian Royal Commission, signed by its CEO, Mr. Philip Reed, on behalf of Mr. Angus Stewart, thanking me for my letters, and informing that it has been "passed to the appropriate officers within the Royal Commission for their consideration."

    They are listening.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well done Eden!

    I also contacted the ARC and discussed several of the points.

    They were SO nice to speak with, and took the observations very seriously. I drew their attention to the 2016 convention videos and the november broadcast about how they view "worldly" ones and those who leave...

    They took notes of the references, and immediately followed the links to the official videos of the society!

    My respect for the people involved in the ARC is so high!

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