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  • LongHairGal


    What happens when the shunning “faithful” Witness mother gets older and possibly needs money/assistance and thinks she’s going to ask her many-years-shunned daughter???

    She may be in for the reality check of her life when the shunned daughter tells her to go ask the religion and her “spiritual” friends for money and help.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    That video was a turning point for me, my brides maid hung herself, I wonder if she tried to call her mum first?

    It consolidated my disgust for the organisation.

  • backstreets

    Would someone please define "mind control" for me.

  • Diogenesister

    scary21 - "My mom still believed the rule from 1974-1980 that you could talk to family members, just not about spiritual things."


    That rule applies to JW's who are still living at home, with a disfellowshipped husband, wife, or child.

    Yes but to new converts, in the 70s at least, they claimed it applied to all family members. I remember because as a kid I was told the same thing. She was probably aware deep down it wasn’t true but jw have selective memories ;)

  • Finkelstein

    Backstreet asks ....

    Would someone please define "mind control" for me.

    Mind control as in definition is an attempt to take over a person's cognitive and critical thinking abilities, in a usual effort to get these ones to behave in a designated preconceived manner.

    This can be done by making up certain information, then implant a devised predetermined answer for the person to read and accept.

    Cults (JWS) use tactics of mind control by subjecting an individual with select biased information to intentionally create a person that usually loyal and subservient to a person of the cult who is self identified as a higher more spiritual person than you. (GB)

    He or she is identified as the one to follow and be subservient to to get a special reward.

    ...... ie. Nirvana, a living paradise or a group of people who will love you unconditional or an appeasement to god

  • Tantalon

    Hi Backstreets, I see you have just joined us; welcome. Would love to know a little more about you, your two posts have got me intrigued.

  • naomidangerlee

    This is horrible.

    This is why my family have nothing to do with me, and I reverse shun them now.

  • scary21

    Diogenesister, yes that is my recollection also. Back in the 60's- 70's you were allowed to speak to family members but not talk about anything spiritual even if they lived outside the home. Little by little the light got darker and DARKER IMHO. My mom only liked the lighter light .

    I feel sorry for my mom in so many ways. At the end of her life my sis and I were talking to her about Christmas. She said "we always had a beautiful tree". I said " We did ? " She said " I would never deprive you girls of a tree at Christmas " My sister and I looked at each other like WHAT? We snickered a little and asked her where she had the tree located. She said "In the front window. " I asked her "What did brother Thomas say when he drove by?" She said " I didn't give a shit what he said " LOL She lost her mind but got smarter too.

    DEMENTIA is very sad but has it's funny moments too.

  • scary21

    Long Haired Girl. I have posted a lot about how no one in my mom's congregation would help her. The worldly neighbor next door would help her but my mom wanted a witness.( sister , GAG )

    The Elders come over and tried to talk her into letting the WORLDLY lady help . She was not having it.

    I got a call from a brother ( his wife would sneak to take my mom shopping ) he said "come and get your mom RIGHT NOW or I will call social services and they will take her house and her car."

    I sold her house and got her away from all those nuts real fast I lived in MI she was in Fl They said " YOUR TAKING HER CAR ? )

    I think they thought I was going to give THEM her car......... Yea right. in your dreams ass holes

  • LOLS

    Terrible !!!!!
    What happened to the Husband/Boyfriend , did he just get magically removed from her & her family ?

    I wouldn't be surprised if he was , as that's how it works in my house with my JW husband & his family ......

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