Do blondes have more Success in life?

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  • JH

    Just wondering...

    Do you think blondes have more success in life than brunettes and red heads? Do you prefer blondes? And for the woman, what color of hair do you prefer for men?

    Britney's not bride material . .

    It's true! Men really do prefer blondes. Unless they are looking for a wife.

    Given a choice of mistress, most men would opt for a blonde beauty, a survey has revealed.

    But brunettes are the preferred colour for brides.

    The findings come from a survey of 400 men who were shown pictures of the same woman with different hair colours.

    Brunettes 'brainy'

    The 'blonde bombshell' myth was confirmed with 37% of men claiming their ideal mistress would be blonde, 22% opted for redheads, 13% brunettes, and 6% preferred light brown hair.

    But, asked who they would walk down the aisle with, 30% of men chose brunette, 27% light-brown, 15% blonde, and 7% ginger.

    But she's an ideal mistress

    The poll found that men think brunettes are more successful than blondes in their careers and earn the most.

    Simply ugly

    Some 53% of men think blondes look more 'famous', followed by redheads, 15%, brunette, 7%, and women with light brown locks, 5%.

    The poll, by Garnier, also questioned 400 women on what colour they most liked in a man.

    There was bad news for radio DJ Chris Evans and Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall, with just 2% of women saying they liked ginger hair best.

    Instead, 37% of women like the "dark and handsome" myth, followed by light brown, 29%, then blonde, 16%.

  • Scully

    Attractiveness has a lot more to do with what's going on between your ears, than what covers the top of your head.

    Give me a guy who is intelligent, outgoing, caring and compassionate any day of the week over some hunky boy toy who is more into keeping his hair in place and his muscles oiled than he is with keeping a conversation going....

    Love, Scully

  • manon


    HUES AND YOU Colorful Impressions: A recent online survey by Harris Interactive for Clairol revealed the perspective-shaping power of haircolor.


    Survey says: Compared to brunettes and redheads, 65% of respondents said blondes are more glamorous; 57% think she's wealthiest; and 76% believe she most enjoys being pampered. Sage says: "Not unexpected, when you consider the vibrant yellow energies of the sun."


    Survey says: 62% thought redheads were risk takers, living life on the edge. And half (51%) of all women would become a redhead for a day. Sage says: "No surprise there, since red is often associated with sensuality, physicality, and power."


    Survey says: Brunettes get the vote as most trustworthy, competent, and well-rounded. An overwhelming majority (88%) would describe a woman with dark tresses as the face of practical advice. 83% said she was best at managing money, while 70% think she makes a true best friend. Sage says: "Perhaps the respondents who perceive brunettes as 'having their feet firmly planted on the ground,' were responding to the strength and stability associated with the colors of the earth."

  • StinkyPantz

    I'll actually answer your question:

    I prefer brunette men, the dark the better. Blonde, IMHO, is not attractive in the least. I also like salt&pepper hair.

  • ballistic

    Some of us aren't fussy.

  • no one
    no one

    Right on, ballistic, especially for males who wind up with only two eventualities: their hair either turns grey or turns loose.

  • Maverick

    Blondes are over rated. I really don't like Black or Hispanic women with blonde hair, too freaky for me. My ex was a redhead who colored her hair blonde and my daughter is a blonde who color her hair red...go figure! Maverick

  • Mary

    I don't know about having more success in life, but I think it is, to some extent, true that most men initially like blondes. Years ago, I hung around another girl in my congregation who was absolutely stunning and looked like the model Pauline Porikova. I always felt like putting a paperbag over my head whenever we went out, because she was a trillion times better looking than me and I have no doubt that if she had ever walked in to the Ford Modelling Agency in New York, they would have hired her on the spot.

    Believe it or not, when we'd go out to clubs, I'd usually get the looks from men first. The only thing I had over her was I had long wavey blonde hair, she was a brunette. There was absolutely no other reason why a guy would have looked at me before her, so I can only surmise that men are indeed, attracted to blondes over brunettes.

  • Sentinel

    But remember, most of them ARE originally dark haired, and went blonde. You can always tell a true blonde.

    I have dark hair and although highlights were nice on ocassion when I was younger, I would not go blonde. Too much maintenence involved--and it does damage your hair.

    I don't think blondes have more success in life. It's really the old "men love blondes" thing that still has a lot to do with the "blonde in society". Just look at all the successful dark-haired beauties!

  • JH

    A study says that there will be less and less blondes in the future. Blondes 'to die out in 200 years' alt Scientists believe the last blondes will be in Finland The last natural blondes will die out within 200 years, scientists believe.

    A study by experts in Germany suggests people with blonde hair are an endangered species and will become extinct by 2202.

    Researchers predict the last truly natural blonde will be born in Finland - the country with the highest proportion of blondes.

    The frequency of blondes may drop but they won't disappear alt
    Prof Jonathan Rees, University of Edinburgh
    But they say too few people now carry the gene for blondes to last beyond the next two centuries.

    The problem is that blonde hair is caused by a recessive gene.

    In order for a child to have blonde hair, it must have the gene on both sides of the family in the grandparents' generation.

    Dyed rivals

    The researchers also believe that so-called bottle blondes may be to blame for the demise of their natural rivals.

    They suggest that dyed-blondes are more attractive to men who choose them as partners over true blondes.

    Tory MP Ann Widdecombe Bottle-blondes like Ann Widdecombe may be to blame
    But Jonathan Rees, professor of dermatology at the University of Edinburgh said it was unlikely blondes would die out completely.

    "Genes don't die out unless there is a disadvantage of having that gene or by chance. They don't disappear," he told BBC News Online.

    "The only reason blondes would disappear is if having the gene was a disadvantage and I do not think that is the case.

    "The frequency of blondes may drop but they won't disappear."

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