2020’s are already a Train Wreck for JW ORG

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  • Gorb


    I think to play all the expectations down.

    Maybe scared for a mass anticlimax in a few years from now.


  • luckynedpepper
    2 centenarian + partakers, older than "Frederick the great" Franz (quoting D. Splane), overlapping by 20 years each. . 201- (2x20) =161 + 1914 = 2075, plenty of time to age whiskey, and raise a glass to the centennial.

    I don't think it comes down to two centenarians. You must make plans, take action before then to keep all the fish on the line. I believe by 2030 we have a revision of 1914/Generation to extend the timeline further, irrespective of "2075"

    I've posted my math here before:

    Franz died at 99 in 1992. Kenneth Cook graduated HS in 1980 (17 years old) That makes him 29 at Franz death. That makes him 59 today. By early 2030s he's 70. He is much closer to death and we are very far from 2075. They will be forced to re-examine their "prophecy"

    (Your math may be rough for conversation only, but you cant just subtract 20 year overlap. They need to be annointed AND overlap. The likelihood that a 20yo is anointed is low. In my example with Cook, you'll note the intervening 12 years between baptism and Franz death.)

  • DesirousOfChange

    As I read Lucky Ned's supposition above (and I have no problem with his conclusions) I just have to say that I do not think the average JW puts this much work into understanding all this Overlapping Doctrine Bullshit.

    WHY? First of all, because most JW's are not in the practice of studying the Bible or any of the JW Doctrine. They just hobble along like little sheeple are supposed to do. If you were to lay out that spiel to the average JW that's still PIMI today, their eyes would just gloss over and they'd be lost before you completed the explanation. Additionally, they are happy to just lap up and consume all the New Light Spiritual Food Fodder without thought or question. They check their brain at the door.

    Cartoon: Check Your Brains At The Door. by David Hayward (Canada) – GBFSV  SPIRITUAL ABUSE VICTIMS' RECOVERY

  • waton
    Your math may be rough for conversation only, but you cant just subtract 20 year overlap. They need to be annointed AND overlap. The likelihood that a 20yo is anointed is low.

    luckynerdprepper: Thanks you for the analisis.

    My calculations, posted multiples times here, and ignored as too nerdy, are based on the remarks by David Splane on the famous chart video.

    He cited Fredrik Franz as the gold standard of underlapper, overlapper groupy partakers.

    F.F was ~ 20 in 1914, anointed ( most christians in that era were anointed at baptism, perhaps still are ***, not at the memorial btw) and died in 1992 after ~ 80 years of "service". now:

    David Splane mentioned that there exist no doubt older, longer serving partakers worldwide ( this is not about GB warm buddies only, but involves the count of all the last generation of thousands of partakers/ anointed) so:

    Frederick F gets us to 1992 , his modern day alter ego to (>1992+>80) = > 2072, David's supposed supercentenarians easily to 2075.

    allowing for a few month (for fight training, cum bridal affairs) between the rapture of the the parting partaker, at the beginning of the GT, and the combat in heaven at the BoA. so,

    taking the good man, DS at his good word, 2075 it is. with anniversary celebrations still allowed by wt :

    happy centennial .

    ***likelihood of finding male virgins among the young is greater Rev. 14.

    sealing of remnant is done by angels, and their lips are sealed too Rev.7.

  • FFGhost
    The likelihood that a 20yo is anointed is low.

    I know of a JW in his late 20s who was baptized at age 17 and started partaking of the emblems at his next Memorial - I don't think he had turned 18 yet.

    Today he is pretty much accepted as a "regular JW". He is a pioneer and MS.

    That might be an outlier, but I think it demonstrates that there could have been one, or a handful, of teen or 20ish JWs who started to partake in the early 90s. Yes I know the "atmosphere" was different then, but it's not outrageously far-fetched.

    By the way, Sanderson is 3 years younger than Cook. Given the low-stress sheltered lifestyle in the Warwick compound, both could easily last into the 2050s.

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