How to believe you deserve to relax

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  • WTWizard

    The jokehovians enjoy nothing. There is supposed to be time in the "new order" (what they don't say is that this "new order" will be full of drudgery, because you will be totally enslaved under the worst conditions possible) to enjoy. So, you are not allowed to enjoy anything today.

    This can be seen in their attitude toward seasonal things. And not just holidays. In winter, it is "OK, there's snow. Now let's go do more rushing to get more people saved." Then, spring comes--"There are flowers. Now, back to work knocking on doors." Summer comes, and not only they are not to enjoy a proper vacation or cookout, but "There are green leaves, now back out in the territory." Then, fall comes. "There is fall foliage, now stop wasting time and go on those calls." And back to winter.

    And there is no time to enjoy anything within the day, either. Someone might get up at 7:30 to go out in field circus, and they will be hounded "Why can't you make it out in street work at 5:30?" There goes that maybe 15 minutes of dead time to listen to a few songs that are not Kingdumb maladies. It also deletes time that could have been used to prepare a proper breakfast--you know, one that is more than a cup of coffee, a bagel out of the food poisoner, or a pop-tart. Then, "You could stay out an extra 15 minutes" at the end--there goes time to have a proper dinner or do more than rush to get to the boasting session or to work. And forget about watching Wheel of Fortune, let alone YouTube videos.

    As for having Demons entering me if I try relaxing, I wish. Better to have Satan working on me, in the condition I am in, even if I am in less than desirable condition, than to let joke-hova have the use of whatever is left of my soul to help enslave the world. Yet, that never happened--rather, joke-hova has remained in full charge, using what's left of my soul and the energy contained therein to get political correctness to be the law, go after all guns used in self defense, destroy currencies (Venezuela and India, for instance, to start), create bank bail-ins, microchip the whole population, and put in 2030 Agenda as 2019 Agenda. Not what I want for my soul--I would rather Satan treat me as the "penny on the floor" and prevent joke-hova from having that "penny".

  • LisaRose

    Yes. Watchtower induced guilt over enjoying normal things is hard to overcome. I think I would be a little bit that way anyway, the cult just made me worse. I struggle with health issues that are the inevitable result of years of stress. My brain just never shuts down.

    I practice meditation and find that it helps me a lot, along with regular exercise.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Since I began learning TTATT I have begun to relax more and more. I found out that the end is not just around the corner, so why rush around. I love to wake up in the morning or sometimes the afternoon and just go and get my hot cup of coffee and then prop myself up in the bed again and sip coffee reading posts like this. I do that for "a while", don't keep track of how long and don't care. Then, when I finally get out of bed I start my day, stress free. I love it, I just love it.. Now, not everyday can I do that, but when I can, I take full advantage of it.


  • smiddy

    Wasnt that the purpose of the Sabbath in the Bible to rest on the seventh day ? However I believe we should relax a lot more often than that to be mentally and physically healthy

    A good post rebel8 ,how many of these" popes" in the GB are overweight and live like kings in the little kingdom on earth prodding the r&f to do more and more in the service of them posing as GOD.

    Every person needs to take time out for themselves to meditate ,relax ,and chill out.

    Some people need to do it on a more regular basis than others it has nothing to do with laziness its an individual need to rejuvenate their body and to function more fully for the tasks ahead.

    Thats not to say their arent lazy people out thier of course there are but they are more obvious by their actions.

  • corruptgirl

    Well I've got two babies that keep me pretty busy but if it wasn't for that.... i would definitely feel like this. What do i do with my time now that i don't need to go to mtgs or preaching or prepare for mtgs and preaching. Or have our family worship night? And for my husband especially since he had to constantly prepare parts every week and have elder mtgs and shepherding. Well thank god we don't because with these two babies it would have been crazy to do all that... i would not be very fact is I'd be very stressed and frustrated because just trying to get out of the house with these two is a mission. Honestly I don't know how JWs do it... No wonder they're always tired and stressed.

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