Dealing with Elderly Parents Who Still Believe the jw Religion is the truth

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Yes, but what are the ramifications of accepting the TRUTH? Shutting down all the Kingdom Halls, surrendering power and starting over from scratch. The entire system is built on power and control (which is where a rational conversation is destined to end).

    When Jesus gave Peter the Keys of the Kingdom, he did so so that whatsoever Peter bound on Earth would be bound in Heaven and vice versa. Just think of the power that would give the Governing Body on the earth! If they said you could baptize, it would be as they said. And if you displeased them and they said you were out, poof! you were out! The Catholic Church claims they have this power and they haven't been shy about using it. They elevated Mary to heaven without tasting death. They also remove can remove one's membership just by saying it. And to be true, the Watchtower Bible Company has to have those same keys; otherwise, they're like any other manmade church. So even if you found an elder who would die for you, it ultimately means nothing because the TRUTH is a SHAM! If they don't have those keys, they can't cut anyone off nor provide anyone with salvation.

  • cofty
    When Jesus gave Peter the Keys of the Kingdom...


  • Crazyguy

    Use this as a teaching point to your grandkids , get them to see how people can be controlled by other people and religion etc to not have love or affection for people not just like them.

  • undercover

    My parents and in-laws both are quite satisfied, and happy as JWs. At this late stage in their life, why bust that bubble? They have friends, a support system, a reason to stay busy. I'd rather they go out happy, than realize they wasted 80 years believing in a lie.

    The same could be said for Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Lutherans, the list goes on. If they're happy, satisfied, why mess with them? Freedom of choice goes both ways. I choose not to follow that path. If they choose it, they have every right to. (as long as they don't abuse their position and power, but that's another discussion)

  • NVR2L8

    Talking with my 83 year old mother is like listening to the announcements at the meetings. She's a JW zombie who has personal opinion or any interests of her own. It's meetings, service, personal study. She complains that her non JW family never contact her but she never reaches out to them. Her excuse is that she has no time...She knows NVR2L8 no longer goes to meetings but she never dared asking why and I am not about to burst her bubble of religious illusion.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Seeds of Truth must be planted delicately and gently when dealing with Old Timers. We ourselves have little to do with the "changing of minds." When seeds are planted forcefully the reaction is a reinforcement of already held beliefs. We, as former Mind-Numbed Borgs, know how well that goes...

    As long as the Old Timers are leading "good" lives perhaps the wisest course, as has already been suggested, is to just let them be. Well, even if they're not.

  • jwfacts

    Respect needs to go both ways; you respect his right and need to cling to his beliefs, and he should respect that you do not want to hear about it. IMO you should explain that he needs to be mindful that you do not want to hear about Watchtower related topics, though that may leave him with little else to talk about.

  • ToesUp

    Yes, our family complains constantly that non JW family members never contact them yet they never reach out themselves. Our JW family has all the problems yet non JW family have none? Really? The non JW's still have the everyday problems JW's have, JW's just dismiss them.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I've also come to the conclusion that it's maybe not the kindest or best idea to get them to understand TTATT.

    However, I've also come to the conclusion that I don't have to subject myself to it anymore, either. So, when my mother starts to go on about the "truth," I just say, "Okay, I've gotta go now," and end the phone conversation.

    Eventually, she's been trained that if she brings it up, she loses the conversation with me. And, she wants both! She wants to talk about her religion with me. But, I don't want that. It is terribly distressing to me. But, she eventually calls back and now she mentions it less and less.

    It's just sad because it really kills my desire to have much of a relationship with her. We basically have little in common, other than my son, and as he gets older, there's just less and less to talk about.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    It's always a big deal when old folks study with the Witnesses, then realize their lifetime religion is false; what's the result? They "come into the Truth." Makes the JW headlines.

    What about us who have become old timers and realize the same, but regarding "the Truth" -- the truth about the Truth?

    That's where I am; my entire family followed me into the JW faith 50 years ago. Nieces and nephews who never came into the fold, well, we can talk freely. I'm circumspect and respectful toward my JW siblings and, somehow, we are very close.

    It just about did me in when I saw a photo of my grandchild on Facebook in cap and gown. I'm certain that 99% of those attending the commencement exercises were JWs in good standing. Obviously, I was not contacted. Gifts, letters, e-mails, phone messages go unacknowledged.

    Seeing all my JW kids and longtime friends on Facebook became too much. I get it; why should they include me in their activities when it was I who abandoned them?

    And to think, I was one of those eaten up with the zeal for Jehovah. I wanted to save people. Now, here I am, not allowed time with my grandchildren.

    I've been bitten in my proverbial butt.

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