Children dumped at ministry group

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  • Mikejw

    It’s not right for children to be forced to come to ministry groups on their own without their parents. The parents just expect others to look after them.

    We have this happening at our group all the time. Early teens and even younger.

    the parents just want them out of the house for a bit and put the burden on others to look after them and get them home safely.

    There should be an announcement or something that youths need to be accompanied by a responsible adult and not just dumped at the group on their own.

    who is supposed to look after them?

  • carla

    Why are these adults setting themselves up for possible accusations of sexual abuse? Anyone with half a brain would not take a child they barely know in a vehicle traipsing around the country or city.

  • blondie

    Yes, especially children being home schooled and parents went to work!!!!

  • carla

    Do these people who accept stranger children (or known) in their car have the following information?

    Parents names, phone #'s, address, where they will be during time in vehicle, who to call in case of emergency/accident, who to call if parents can't be reached, known allergies, mental health at current moment (will kid flip out at something?), behavior issues, bathroom? needs help? what if? allergies, etc....

    Does your current car insurance cover you using your car basically as a bus/taxi? do you realize if you had a catastrophic accident that you WILL be sued regardless of the jw- "we don't sue our brothers". It is the insurance companies that sue to recover medical bills, etc.... If you haven't notified insurance company of use of vehicle will you be personally liable?

    If the parents aren't around when it is time to drop them off, what are you supposed to do with child? was this agreed upon by all adults?

    why do jw not see beyond their own nose? this is common sense stuff and things normal people do in girl/boy scouts, afterschool activities and so forth.

  • skin

    I remember this happeningbto me, I would have been in my mid to late 20's at the time, had no witnessing partner available that day, so this family sent their 4 or 5 old of control kid with me, I was not happy being given this kid to look after for the morning, but couldn't say no has it wouldn,t look nice in front of the field service group. So off we go knocking on doors, then this kid wanted a turn to knock. Well, we got this door where the householder just let rip into me for taking and using children to spread religion, I already wasn't happy taking this kid, and then to have to deal with that too.

  • Mikejw

    The answer is just say no. If the elders say can you take this young one with you then you have to say no.

  • Journeyman

    I've never heard of this happening in all the time I've been in and around the congregations, but then I live in a major city and no Witness parents would allow their underaged kid to go to ministry group alone especially when they are already paranoid enough about the evils of the "World".

    If they want their kid to go with another publisher, they would either take them to the group (and usually work from there too themselves but with someone else, to get a break from the child) or arrange for the publisher to meet the kid at home and collect them (though that's much rarer).

    And frankly, with events like this happening more often lately, I can't fault them for being more cautious:

    Hainault: What we know about London sword attack

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Say "No".

  • OnTheWayOut

    I never had children dropped into the service group unless someone already knew they would be responsible for them. Different ways in different congregations.

    We did have mother with children in tow, expecting that someone would illegally put then in their car/minivan without child seats. I told those parents we could walk, but I wouldn't assign them to a car group. They weren't happy in the winter, but I was walking too, so I was covered.

  • LongHairGal


    Your post is spot on with very correct information. Unfortunately, many Witnesses are in total ignorance about reality!


    You were smart to do this because it would have been a terrible liability... Nowadays? Forget about it.

    Just being in a car in field service as a passenger with a distracted driver is dangerous. I remember once having to yell and warn the brother driving because he almost got in a collision at an intersection. His head was turned talking to someone in the backseat - and somebody made a last minute turn in front of him at the intersection and he could have hit him!

    I might have used my car in FS twice. I had a negative experience and never again wanted anybody in my car.. Somebody’s child would certainly have been out of the question!

    I’m Glad I’m Out of that religion and all this is behind me.

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