Did you have "Your chair" or place you sat at the K.H??

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  • karter

    I never really did but lots of the "Friends" did like one Brother who felt the cold and had "His chair" by the window and was always closing the window when everyone else wanted it open.


  • crazy_flickering_light

    In my cong a lot of people have "their chair". One make trouble when you sit there, even as a guest.

    And some times before, we been merged with an other cong - since that time, a lot of fights about "their chairs" with the new dubs.

  • zeb

    It is ever amazing that people who don't like the wind/cold/draught etc will sit by the window. I was on a hired bus going to a convention once. It was hot weather and the bs was normally use for school runs. We had an early am departure and the bus as not been ventilated from the day before and the only vent was the roof hatch which I opened. It wasnt long before several jw were asking for it to be closed. Once closed they all settled in different seats away from where they had been seated under the hatch. So we all put up with the redolent stink of a school bus all the way thee.

    The aircon was u/s but fortunately before we left to come home the driver vented the bus out.

    What is that people like to breath stale air.?

    Seats/ I agree with al the above.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    Zeb, what you say remind me to this:

    We have a sister, she make as fast as she can trouble, when you open a window. To much wind, she getting ill she says ervery time. Sit's near the window and come to the meeting with a bike. Make absolut sense...

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Quite a few have/had their own seat and cause some sort of trouble. Some bring little foot stools and cushions to lay claim to their spot.

    In my experience though the whole congregation gravitates to their own area of the hall. You can look round and see people in their own area. They kind of fit in like feet in an old pair of shoes. It's part of what makes the congregation feel secure and promotes the unified "my gang" mentality. Us against the world.

    I don't think it is just a dub thing, you will see it in any club, pub or bar that has regulars.

  • Divergent

    I usually sat at the back. Never liked the middle or front seats, even before learning TTATT. If all the rear seats were taken, I would "steal" a chair from the 2nd hall & create MY OWN place at the back. Nobody dared to say anything!

    I wasn't the only one who liked to sit at the back. Very few people actually liked to sit at or near the front. Those that did were mostly self-righteous individuals who I disliked. There were a few local needs parts and "gentle reminders" encouraging those who came earlier to sit at the front and leave the rear seats for those who came later. All to no effect!

  • freddo

    This is true.

    In the 1980's in our hall we had a new ventilation system put in. It was just as crap as the old one but I digress.

    The old system had a dial thermostat on the wall which was disconnected but left in place until the next wallpaper hanging.

    An elder got on stage and said "if anyone feels it is too hot or too cold then speak to one of the attendants and he will help".

    I was an attendant and we were told that if anyone wanted the heating changed up or down we should go to the thermostat and move it in the appropriate direction.

    Of course nothing happened because it was disconnected! But the person believed something was being done! This lasted for about a year until the hall was remodelled and the redundant but visable thermostat was removed.

    Placebo at its finest!


    We used to sit at the back - as far back as possible - they caught on to this and so made the back rows for elderly and families with kids only - basically pushing everyone closer to the front, so eventually we started sitting in the back room every meeting until we stopped going, lol.

  • DesirousOfChange

    We had one elderly sister who came early so as to always get "her" seat in the back row (near the bathrooms). If she ran late and someone had taken her seat, she would move their belongings off of her seat to a nearby spot and "claim" her seat. Wow to those who would cross her.


  • WTWizard

    I don't have an issue with having a favorite place to sit at the boasting session (I used to prefer sitting off to one side, about midway back). But, I do have a problem with someone who has an issue with a condition found in one area, intentionally choosing to sit there anyways, and then demanding that condition be removed. This happens near heating or air conditioning ducts, windows, or the main exits. Or, if they are in the brightest part of the building and complain about its being too bright. My solution is to find a place that is not as drafty, cold, hot, or bright or to make your own provision to adapt to it.

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