Another Burnt Out Elder

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  • kpop

    In my Congregation I noticed that they are pushing for younger and younger brothers to become servants and they give them "responsibilities" to make them feel like they are part of something. It is all about psychology. But I do not think the young ones have the same zeal as the older generation because the younger ones have the internet and there is no hiding of anything from the internet.

  • Londo111

    It is very telling his wife was in tears over it.

    Despite much lip service otherwise, being an elder gives one an elevated position and standing, there is a pride and personal glory in it. There is shame associated with stepping down or being deleted. Family can take much pride in having a father or husband as a "glorious one" "worthy of double honor".

  • ToesUp

    " I think only the bullies and egomaniacs in the BOE's can survive...but is this the way the flock wants to subject themselves to the loving care of the GB?"

    My spouse and I have had countless discussions regarding this. If all there is left is "bullies and egomaniacs", they will eventually start feeding off of one another.

    From what we are observing, instead of relying on Jehovah, JW's are relying on their Pharmacist and local liquor store.

    Wifi posted a letter regarding not having enough qualified Brothers to give the Memorial talk. When has this ever been a problem? A video is now an option for the JW's most holy night. things are changing!

  • flipper

    Nice to hear that another elder quit being an elder. The WT Society burns these guys out as slaves to the maximum and doesn't really care HOW burned out they get - as long as they " obey " and put WT functions first. There is zero empathy shown these guys from the WT leaders. One reason I NEVER became an elder- I was not a brown noser and I didn't play politics or kiss up to anybody- I still don't. I hope more of these guys step down. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours


    That same scenario happened in my Cong, only that it was 2 elders; those guys and their wives seem so much happier now!

    I am truly happy for all that wake up to the WTBTS bs.


  • just fine
    just fine

    After my dad stepped down as an elder, the CO constantly harassed him to be reappointed. Until one day he had enough, and I am told got into a yelling match with the CO at the back of the hall. My parents are still JWs but he will never be an elder again.

  • joe134cd

    I remember hearing a 2nd hand account of a young single appointed CO. He was a convert and didn't have the best of health either. The person who was telling me about him was also un uber dub pioneer etc. He felt sorry for him in the sense that he felt he just got used and abused and chewed up by the system. I think the guy was only a CO for a couple of years before he resigned and stopped attending meetings. I think he also returned home to live with his none JW parents, who were less than impressed. Havnt seen or heard of him in years.

  • blondie

    As bad it may has been for some of us in regard to abuse from the system, there is a special kind among the elder arrangement. It is a higher level of abuse and the are ringed in by confidentiality, not even telling their wives. Who can they vent to that they can trust.

    I learned much about this because elders found it easy to vent to me. I can keep a secret and had good advice how to handle (manipulate) some of these bullies. My husband said that training had a different meaning, the bible meant nothing to the BOE, and even if they were wrong they were right. The COBOE in one area at the first meeting with 2 new elders said, "The first thing you learn here, is it's my way or the highway."

    My husband switched to a new congregation right away with the COs help. It was the same there or it took longer to manifest itself. Like the BOE meeting where he and another new elder were told that their decisions were not based on the bible, everything they needed was in the elder's manual. That elder quit after that meeting; my husband hung on for a few more years.

  • ttdtt

    I love this topic. I was an elder for 2 decades. Last 4 years were the "awakening".

    Now i would never say it was to much work, I loved public speaking and I was very good at it, that was not work. JC's were tough but I always was looking to help people, so that wasn't horrible.

    The stress came in form:
    A. watching elders to stupid things not based on love or the bible, and harm people for no good reason.

    B. the insanity of rules rules rules that made everyones live harder.

    C. 90% of the stress came when I realized it was all BS but still had to play my part till I had a fade strategy. Being and meetings and hearing the compete BS, contradictions, misinformation, baseless points of view, people rooting for 7 billion people to die... became to much. I needed to go home and have a drink after every meeting, and I spent the day dreading having to go.

    I was able to step down using all "legitimate" reasons (depression - responsibilities) - said the concluding prayer and all that....

    Well people started to distance them selves from me and my family. (so much love).
    Happy for that - but so ANTI- what JWs are to be.

    I feel that a large amount of the Elders that step down due to Stress/Depression/Exhaustion... are really ones who have WOKEN UP to some degree, and want no part of the mess any more.

    " I think only the bullies and egomaniacs in the BOE's can survive...but is this the way the flock wants to subject themselves to the loving care of the GB?"

    All those who have NO power in their lives want to RULE it over those at the hall!

  • Giordano

    The Society doesn't reward loving and caring Elder's...... those rare good ones that help keep everything together. It values it's overseers who are not timid about using their verbal whips.

    The WTBT$ is a dog eat's dog religion. Bethel is the prime all comes down from there.......... enforced slavery for two or more years. A place where boot lickers and bullies prosper. If that's the best they can do what's left over for the rank and file?

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