Disfellowshipped for being complicit in someone else's sin - really?!

by Isambard Crater 29 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    A close friend of mine who is PIMO (only staying in for family reasons) in a neighboring congregation called me in tears tonight saying her dad (elder) is telling her he is seriously considering reporting her to her local elders and she could get disfellowshipped.

    The reason? Because she is complicit in a gross sin, according to him, by going with her best friend (not a J.W.) when the friend had an abortion. The friend who had an abortion is registered blind and suffers from PTSD so could hardly travel 2 hours and 30 miles to the clinic on her own, and she had nobody to support her, so my PIMO J.W. friend went with her.

    Ok, abortion is murder in the view of many religious folk, but my PIMO J.W. friend strongly felt that her vulnerable friend needed support at this emotional time. Little did she know it could get her DF'ed. Her dad tells her that even if she doesn't get DF'ed, he and her mom still won't talk to her much because they think her accompanying her friend to the clinic was grossly wrong.

  • fulano

    No way. Her father is wrong. The "sin" is committed by a wordly person. Compare it to go with a wordly person into a tobaccoshop buying Cigarettes.

  • sparrowdown

    Elder's daughters are allowed to have worldly BFFs now are they?

    Good for her for supporting her friend in a time of need but frankly what did she expect her parents are JW duh!

    Note to PIMO people for future reference - be more discreet about your activities.

  • Tallon

    This so called 'father' needs to hang his head in shame!

  • oppostate

    Just to note in on this XJW argot word PIMO;
    it means Physically In, Mentally Out,
    does it not?

  • KiddingMe

    I have know of a JW who was publically reproved for this.

    So it seems it may be possible to get disfellowshipped, depending on the congregation and how repentant they deem her to be.

  • cofty

    Giving support or encouragement to a friend to obtain an abortion could be a judicial matter.

    I'm surprised she is surprised by that.

  • dubstepped

    Sounds like instead of PIMO she needs to just be OUT. Who wants relationships with family like that?

    Like Cofty, I'm surprised that she's surprised by that. Of course she can't do that and be in good standing in the Borg.

  • exjwlemming

    Should a JW taxicab driver, Uber or Lyft driver ask their patrons why they are going to a certain destination? They may be complicit in delivering a person to a swingers party, a drug house, a friends with benefits hook up, a drunken party, an abortion, or many another other things. Where does it stop? Granted, supporting a friend during a difficult situation is more involved than being hired as a driver. It would be a judicial matter for sure. It was her decision to make and it should be between her and her God. JWs mettle in too much stuff...like big government. They are always concerned about "dangers in the congregation."

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Mmmm. . . Yeah the sharing in the sins of others really doesn't apply to non JWs. . . .

    Then again, you can can be thrown into a judicial committee/disfellowshipped for whatever anyway -- so there's no saying what could really happen.

    Sound like it's time for your friend to become POMO.

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