Witnesses were Anti vaccine till 1950!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    "Brother McMillan wrote "Faith on the march" about his wonderful life at bethel. He wrote of an incident in 1943 where a group of Witnesses in jail for refusing military service were against getting vaccinated and he came to the rescue visiting them and telling them it was ok. The reason for this was "the golden age" magazine in the 1920's describes vaccines as puss filled poison...so they were following their Watchtower training.

  • Biahi

    My mother was expelled from school because her parents didn’t vaccinate her. She got pretty sick with whooping cough, and measles. This was in the 1940’s.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    They were against vaccines with abortion babies and blood too, until Biden put in $120M for faith-based vaccine outreach programs and similar efforts from governments around the world (eg. India where their nationalized vaccine system uses blood-based COVID vaccines).

  • WTWizard

    Once, they were fully against vaccinations, even for serious diseases where the vaccine is reasonably safe and quite effective (and for which there is little that can be done with supplements). People suffered persecution, and even got quite sick, for this religion.

    Today, it is the opposite. They are for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations. These things were made with aborted fetus cell lines. More seriously, they defile the body in the worst way--worse even than those cancer sticks they banned in 1973. The disease the vaccination is for is about as dangerous as a simple bee sting. And the vaccine is shown to have serious side effects--which to me is defiling to your body. Yet, they insist on making refusing to get the torture shot "brazen conduct" at the whim of the hounders and hounder-hounders.

    Better to do your own research, and if they are all claimed "safe and effective" with "no drawbacks", it might be better to not get it at all. I got plenty of vaccinations in my day, but I will not get something as worthless as the flu shot. Or, worse, something as worthless and dangerous as the coronavirus shot. This is something everyone should independently decide for themselves, not let someone living thousands of kilometers away (who just got a saline shot) make that decision for you. And, unlike smoking, you cannot quit the vaccine once you get it.

    Not to mention, back in the polio era, they didn't have the Amazon "shot" option. Supplements of quercetin were hard to come by, and (unlike for coronaviruses), are not as reliable. Today, for this "disease" that is about as dangerous as a simple bee sting, quercetin and zinc (and, in colder seasons and for darker skinned people including those who always use sunscreen, vitamin D) is a better and safer option.

  • was a new boy
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    It's all about the money. Big bucks here.

    It's been circulating that the Borg is involved with these big drug companies. Word has it that possibly $100 worth per vaccine. Should that be the case....it would not surprise me or anyone the Borg switches gears to suit their narrative. Which is the money.

  • ScenicViewer
    Accidental post.

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