Your work is not in vain! Thank You!

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  • de-opresso-liber

    Been lurking since early this year. There are many of us out there (at least in this area, central U.S.) who are waking up and crossing the line to talk to each other about it. In our area, several elders, ministerial servants and pioneers are actively and openly sharing info with each other daily. Quite a few of us are openly awake and making changes. Recently stepped down from serving, former pioneer and lots of other "privileges" on many levels. My wife woke up (thankfully!) a few months after I did and dropped off the pioneer list. Still working through a lot of stuff and flying under the radar as friends try to get their families to wake up, but won't be stepping foot in a KH again. Now we are planning our life 2.0 without the Borg.

    Which leads me to a BIG thank you. Thanks to all of you here, John Cedars,, Barbara Anderson and everyone who has taken the time to scan old publications, break down things like 607, kept updates coming about the Royal Commission and who have shared your stories and experiences. We had already been questioning the crazy changes and the push for loyalty to the Borg, but being able to really break down all the doctrinal problems and pulling back the veil on the disgusting track record of child abuse made it easy to sort out that we have been involved in a cult. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Never underestimate who is reading and lurking as they are also sorting and researching and trying to figure out how to get out. If our area is any kind of indicator of what is typical, the Borg is worried for very good reason.

  • DJS

    Welcome d-o-l,

    Most excellent. One certainty for your journey is the farther you get away from this ambition and conscience robbing, family destroying cult the more you will wonder what you ever saw in it.

    In a few years it will seem like a very bad, surreal dream.

  • de-opresso-liber

    Thanks DJS. We disconnected mentally a few months ago and already feel like we are getting some sanity back.

  • HereIgo


    It is great to see ones wake up and begin living their lives

  • steve2

    Welcome aboard de-oppresso-liber. You sound like you've already done a massive amount of clear, unemotive thinking and studying up on the various issues plaguing jw organization and come to very sound conclusions. HOpe you stick around!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Welcome d-o-l! Thanks for the thanks and the info. I hope the waking up grows until the time that the Watchtower suffers collapse. Also, having a network of fellow underground apostates that you personally know face to face can make the transition out much easier and painless.

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Welcome. There are so many times I honestly wonder if anyone is really thinking in the religion Here in the Northwest of the US it seems everyone is just going along and accepting every change that comes along without any questions.

    There are a couple of married couples that are reaching out to go to the new school, the pioneer's seem to be growing, it's depressing to see knowing that they will not have children. One couple just sold their home and are loudly drinking the kool-aid.

    I keep thinking how can they be so blind.

    I hope that there are one's like you in my area and I just don't know it.

    Thanks you have given me hope.

  • sparky1

    Keep an open mind.............there is lots to learn here. Many nice people and some highly intelligent critical thinkers post on this forum. Welcome.........I hope you can point others in our direction!

  • WingCommander

    Are you and your wife born-ins, or converts? Just curious. Welcome!

  • de-opresso-liber

    I was born in, she converted.

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