Warwick, Queensland, Australia: Elders covered up rape of young girl

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  • Simon

    Disgusting. Whatever the guy 'suffers' is not part of the punishment for the crime that the authorities hand out. His wife leaving him shouldn't affect the punishment they hand out in the slightest.

    One thing to note though: the judge deemed ostracism from the church to be a punishment. So anyone who is ostracized by the 'religion' because they have reported such crimes to the authorities or simply choose to leave are surely also being punished by them too.

  • rebelfighter

    I am with you 100% Flipper!! Where has this judge been buried in the sand. Until they start putting these perverts behind bars for life where they belong the message will never get across.

    Stuckinarut, yes Elders who do not report are accessory to the fact.

  • flipper

    SIMON- I agree with you all the way . I mean what wife wouldn't leave a husband that raped or molested children ? I mean, the judge refers to this guy " suffering " because his wife left him over him committing rape and child abuse ? It was justice being served up and him receiving Karma, as he deserved to be left !

    In answer to my own rhetorical question, " what wife wouldn't leave a husband that raped or molested children " - as strange as it seems - the answer to that within the JW religion is not as many wives leave these perverted molesters as we think ! I knew of several instances where the JW wife " stood by her man " as the JW husband child molester served his prison sentence for the crime and after he got out - he got back with his ever faithful ( if not mostly stupid and naïve JW wife ) . Like Albert Einstein once stated, " Two things are infinite : the universe and human stupidity. "

    REBELFIGHTER- Yeah, I hear you. I don't know WHAT this judge was thinking. I don't feel he has any brain cells whatsoever firing in his neurotransmitters. Unless he has some kind of agenda he's not disclosing

  • shepherdless

    I just want to address one point raised by jwundubbed, simon and flipper.

    The article read in part:

    In sentencing Harvey, Mr Andrews told him he had taken into consideration the fact he had already been punished by the church and through the breakdown of his marriage.

    I am no expert on this, but my understanding is that an Australian Judge pronouncing a sentence will explicitly list all matters justifying a reduction in sentence, as part of the process. The reason to do this is to block the defendant appealing and seeking a lower sentence. I actually saw that happen in a fraud case, a long time ago. The Judge didn't mention a specific matter, and defendant got a reduced sentence on appeal for that reason only.

    So when the Judge says he took those matters into consideration, it does not mean that they made any significant difference to the outcome. He is just stitching up one avenue of appeal.

    To be clear, I am not defending the sentence given; I just wanted to clarify that point.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Thanks for that additional info.

    I hope he's just trying to avoid an appeal, but 8 months seems ridiculously short.

    I wonder if there are sentencing guidelines in Australia.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Warwick District Court?

    Watchtower Headquarters at Warwick, New York?

    Warwick??? WTF

    Ironic or Prophetic?

  • smiddy

    Maybe the victims , in these circumstances should make a civil complaint to the police about the Elders who never reported the case and have them charged with being an accessory after the fact So far no Elder`s have ever been accountable to the law for failing to do so


  • rebelfighter

    In the US, the case I was involved in the pervert was facing a life sentence had he not plea bargained. So he ended up with a sentence of 15 years finally did 18 because of bad behavior. Moved twice just could not get along with the other prisoners.

  • rebelfighter

    Oh and his wife divorced him and the judge signed NO contact orders with his children until they were adults.

  • smiddy

    Is it not a criminal offence to know about a crime and not report it to the police / Law /authorities ?

    If so , how , have at least 3018 Elders in Australia not been prosecuted for not reporting these crimes against children ? These past decades ?

    I for one propose writing to the Australian newspapers a letter to the editor where you can voice your opinion on this matter.

    If you are genuine about the Elders withholding this information of child abuse from the law enforcement authorities /police then please , contact the media in Australia with your concern , because it is only with media expose that anything constructive is ever done.

    The Herald Sun , The AGE , The Sydney morning Herald ,The Courier Mail , The Advertiser ,to name a few .

    The more people that respond to this the more action that can take place , the more impact we have .

    Of course if everybody ignores it , then how genuine really are you in protecting youth in the JW religion against abuse .

    You do not have to be a resident of Australia to voice your concern , so please do so .


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