"Why Did JWs Ignore Princes Drug Additctions?" by Barbara Anderson

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Simon wrote " could it be that they really didn't care about him?

    My question would be "Who are the they?

    This is the problem when we attach ourselfs to an organisation. An organisation doesn't have feelings. It's individuals in the organisation that have feelings. In my opinion blaming an organisation can therefore make the blame meaningless.

    So who in the organisation should be responsible and cared. According to the " Guardian newspaper" it was the elders at the K.H Prince attended. In a similar way the media are highlighting a case against Jim Carey and his girlfriends suicide.

    So whilst I agree the elders possibly didn't care, do we know if they were even aware of his drug addiction? As for the organisation it can learn from it and set up qualified support for members with addiction. But that would take an individual in the organisation with the power to implement such an idea. This I do not believe will happen because the image of the organisation is more important than the indiduals with addiction problems.

    So my answer to who the "They that don't care " are, is the governing body.

    Beware of organisation. Never was a truer statement made.

  • TheOldHippie

    "It does not matter if the drugs are prescription or illegal"

    Oh yes, it does. You don't df someone on prescription, that is a no-no area to enter.

  • Irish Dame
    Irish Dame

    My cousin, an ordinary young man, with a good paying job, but without the influence of an elder daddy or best friend, was suffering with an addiction problem and was disfellowshipped. Three months later, he committed suicide.

    Of course wt.org didn't acknowledge his life or death because he was already viewed as dead after being judged by 3 men. When he most needed help, he was cast out.

  • Diogenesister

    Im very sorry to hear that Irish Dame. I'm sorry for your loss.

  • ToesUp

    If you are a JW and have money and some influence, they turn a blind eye to anything you do. It's all in how much you donate and who you know.

    Prince was great friends with Larry Graham and I am sure Larry is a hefty contributor. "We don't want to piss ole Larry off." lol

  • TheWonderofYou
    dubstepped wrote: Lots of people abuse prescription drugs under the excuse of "pain". Someone locally revealed to us that a bunch of dubs living in an area were all addicts and nobody would do anything. Proving that those meds aren't needed or getting into the personal private medical records of individuals is near impossible. I don't think that Prince was special in this way. It's a hard to regulate area.

    Is it true that while the society impresses the public with its kind dealing of people e.g. superstars, under painful medical treatment - what is good publicity - minor members who cant afford expensive medical treatement are then forwarded to the painful and heartless treatments of a judicial committee instead? This would be unrighteous and is no help out of the problem.

  • sir82

    I suspect Brother Cook was coached on what to say from the WTS, don't to the degree of inflection on every syllable.

    I also suspect that the WTS pushed to make sure that a JW funeral was held.

    It would have put an embarrassing and awkward spotlight on the cruelty of JW doctrine if the standard JW funeral trappings had been denied due to concerns about his drug use.

    Yes, of course it is a double standard. An "anonymous" JW dying under the same circumstances would have been refused a JW funeral - at best they could have expected "a few words" at the grave site from an elder whose "conscience permitted him" to do so.


    "Why Did JWs Ignore Princes Drug Additctions?"

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  • Vidiot

    TheOldHippie - "You don't DF someone on prescription, that is a no-no area to enter."

    I've known JWs who'd been DFed for addiction to prescription painkillers.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Can't understand the dislike for Outlaw's post.

    I think he's bang on.

    The USA - where money talks and nonsense walks ...

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