"Why Did JWs Ignore Princes Drug Additctions?" by Barbara Anderson

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    Irish Dame said: My cousin, an ordinary young man, with a good paying job, but without the influence of an elder daddy or best friend, was suffering with an addiction problem and was disfellowshipped. Three months later, he committed suicide.

    Of course wt.org didn't acknowledge his life or death because he was already viewed as dead after being judged by 3 men. When he most needed help, he was cast out.

    Irish Dame, I am very sorry for your loss. You are 100% correct though. Botchtower shoots their wounded.


    Can't understand the dislike for Outlaw's post......LoveUniHateExams

    Some people "HATE" Any Negative Comments about the Watchtower..

    Especially When It`s True........

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    Well, it looks like I was right, again, according to the Shepherd book. Of course, we have to take everything with a grain of salt.

    I've learned that if you piss off the wrong person, or perhaps showcase your addiction in public ( mixing prescription meds with alcohol at a picnic or sporting event, or taking one too many opiates.. ) you can be disciplined, perhaps even DF'd.

    In JW-Land, it depends on who knows what you did, not what you did. Did you rape a child while you were an Elder, but the "sin" occured years in the past? Does your life show "evidence of Jehoober's blessing", which simply means you were not removed, because you covered over your sin, eliminating the possibility of being DF'd/lacking Jeehoobidoob's blessing? Well, in that case, it's all good!

    Did you take the wrong pill with alcohol, while the Eldubs wives were around?? Judicial Committee Time!!!! YAY!!!! Justice is served, and the congregation is kept clean!!!

    DD 😊

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    Let me explain why someone could be df'd (or charged under secular law) for being on or possessing prescription drugs:

    The drugs themselves are legally available but

    The individual using them does not have their own legal prescription for them: taking pills out of mom or dad's bottle, a friend's or from another person's bottle, buying on the street or some other illegal source, etc.

    Not to be confused with drugs that cannot be obtained legally under any circumstances.

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    I don't think it's clear they knew about his drug use. From what i understand, he wasn't a regular at the meetings and had a girlfriend, etc. I doubt they knew what he was doing in his own home. Perhaps Larry Graham did, but no one else.

    However, once the rumors & conjecture (including the perocet OD a couple weeks before) became public; the fact the memorial was still held at the hall shows clear preferential treatment (or valuing all the free advertising over losing face with members who see the inequality).

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