"Go and tell someone who cares...I dont care!"

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  • flipper

    WAKE ME Up - " Skidmark of a person " . I love it ! Fantastic ! I have to remember that expression, that's a cool way of saying someone's a douche bag. Thanks for adding some new expressions to my vocabulary. God I love the people on this board, we learn so much ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Giordano

    Jo-Ho I was laughing out loud. Good thing I finished my cup of coffee before I got to your post.

    This was basically a one sided conversation that went on far too long. The JW was a joke to begin with and stayed in that mode all the way through.

    At least the questioner stayed out of his personal space .......... nor did he raise his voice. But he did everything else ass backward.

    He could have started with an honest question about the two witness rule being applied to pedophiles...... something he 'heard' about or read about.

    I have a feeling that the trolley cart approach to witnessing is backfiring badly for the JW's as they are now sitting targets.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    I can't help wondering if the JW had some kind of guilt regarding child abuse himself, considering his appalling reaction to the subject.

    Deliberately coughing in the man's face was disgraceful behaviour. I don't know how that sister could just sit there and not say a word about how rude and offensive the JW was acting, regardless of the provocation.

  • joe134cd

    Giordano = I have actually wondered this myself if the carts are in fact opening them more up people who know the religion with very different views. With D2D an apostate could be avoided by a notation on the territory map. With the carts that' impossible to do and a lot harder to get away from in a public setting with others looking.

  • steve2

    One of the main principles of persuasion: If you're presenting an argument or view to someone and they ask, "What's your point?", tell them. Don't play games by putting that question back to them. Spell out what your point is.

    Sure, the JW at the cart was/is a dick - but that's no excuse for a poorly thought out approach.

    And if they say, "A" don't say "B" in reply as he did. At one stage, the JW woman speaks up and says, "We don't have leaders" and the guy says, "Yes you do." And they backed-and-forthed on this issue until it petered out. Instead he could have drawn her out by asking some pertinent questions: "If the GB are not leaders, what are they? Couldn't other religious groups argue the same way - we don't have leaders? How is that different from what you do? etc.

    Opportunity lost, I'm afraid - and perhaps one of the most misleadingly named videos out there.

  • sparrowdown

    Cart people are the worst, just couting easy time. I don't know if I could stomach talking to them as an apostate I think it would be more productive to present as an interested member of the public to bypass their biases.

  • Bobby2446

    There is really no reason to believe jws are easier “targets” via the Witnessing carts. They’ve had a public ministry for decades (instead in manning a cart, they’d simply walk the public streets and approach people). Don’t think this makes encounters more frequent, personally, because there is risk associated with that as well — if an apostate doesn’t end the conversation after being asked, he can be guilty of harrssment.

    And me personally, actually enjoyed when ex-members tried to plant seeds of doubt. They outed themselves by the type of questions they asked.

    But nowadays, when someone asks me about child abuse issues in the ministry, I test their sincerity and say “can I research this and get back to you”? The two times I used that question, the person said “no thank you”. Probably an apostate.

    So it’s actually easier to neutralize them. Ask to schedule a follow up. Most, if not all, “apostates” will immediately decline, thus, outing themselves.

    Asking Jws about the GB being “leaders” is a red flag anyway. The type of question being asked most times tells you about the person asking it. So really, you can’t fool us that way.

  • finallysomepride

    What cofty said

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