Interview with Dagney

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  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    Thanks, Dagney.

  • Dagney

    Hi Lois,

    Seester Jaracz as I remember was a very bubbly personality. I think she had bright red hair, I was 12 so...who knows. She was nice and quite a character as was the sister that was studying with me. Big personalities. But other than that, I have no other impression of her from that period.

    One of the times I was at Bethel, they put me at Jaracz's table in the dining room for 2-3 days. He was very serious and not really friendly or talkative. He brightened up when Melitta came in. I thought it was odd he had no interest in chatting at all, and he was my former CO or DO! Some of the other GB's were so nice and friendly compared to him. Sidlik, the Greek guy, Freddy, Carey Barber were so personable.

    Anyway, I'm not much help. Probably DNC has the goods.

    Hope you are doing well. I have some friends from the UK that are up your way right now. I hope to someday too!

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