Do todays Jw's care at all about Russell and the pyramid?

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  • stillin

    Most feel that the Organization has matured to not following men like they did in the old days. But the reality is that men make up the GB and it has become an article of faith to consent to the GB's Divine Appointment.

    Still following men.

  • tiki
    Pretty remote....if they even know about it they'd pooh pooh it because the light was so very dim back then And now it has become blindingly bright thanks to some dudes somewhere in New York.
  • ToesUp
    Some may but the majority will just have some catch phrase and keep bobbing their heads up and down. They do this in so many things.
  • NeverKnew
    Depends on how it's presented when you arrive. :)
  • Giordano

    Better to raise the specter of serial sexual child abuse thanks to the two witness rule with a side of Jesus telling his followers not to hinder the children.

    Russell was a product of the 19th century religious nonsense that still fills the WT and Awake! mags.

    JW's don't really care about doctrine or dogma, JWs simply care how they are perceived by their fellows in the 'truth'. If they are respected they are content. If they are disrespected they wake up immediately and look around and say WTF.

    I think 50% of people who arrive on this site with a fundamental understanding about TTATT got slapped up side the face by a fellow JW, Elder or a lessor person and woke up.

  • Vanderhoven7
    Yes, apparently it took some time for Bible students to rid themselves of Babylonish elements. But their hearts were right and that's why Jesus chose them in 1919.

    I think that if a witness was having doubts, then the pyramid and other such nonsense would strike a cord, otherwise it is not a big deal. My brother and his family are kool-aid drinkers and NOTHING changes their perceptions.

    Overwhelming biblical examples that explicitly counter WTS positions and teachings mean nothing. Examples of blatant lies and twisting of words and scriptures mean nothing. Even proof of the church fathers' teachings that prove that EVERYONE OF THEM believed Jesus was God in the flesh mean nothing.

    One time only as my brother was rambling on about 'you know a tree by it's fruits' and I asked 'What fruits?" And he gave the standard line about going door to door restoring the true name of God, yaddayadda. And I informed him that these things are works, not fruits. He was perplexed for 2 days and when we spoke about the fruits again, he stated that works are fruits. How can you reason when you have no common sense and reasoning?

  • Sanchy

    You'll only reinforce their faith. "Satan tested us with some crazy stories, brought to us by this worldly apostate, and we resisted and passed.. thank you Jehovah for helping us".

    Let it go. You can accomplish more with your example than you can by debating or dropping "truth bombs". Just show them that you are still happy even being in the world.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    We all have been awaken by different things. For some, it was the Pyramid. For others, it was the handling of sexual abuse cases.

    Believe it or not, I knew about the pyramid, the UN association, the sexual abuses cases, the flip flops in teachings, the wrong date for the destruction of Jerusalem (607), the 1975 teachings and subsequent denial of these, and so on.

    I knew of all these things and I simply rationalized it all away, thinking that in the end, they were doing more good than evil.

    Then, I had kids and I had to face the fact that the WT would not allow me to teach them based on my conscience. It would have to be their entire program, otherwise, I risked being disfellowshiped for apostasy (I envisioned at least two scenarios would lead to this). The thought that my kids would indirectly have to be thought by man that were essentially threatening me was the final straw.

    That is when I left. Since then, I also came to understand a few more things that solidified my current position.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Something that may help a bit are simple questions like:

    About the Governing body

    • Why do we have 14 letters (Books) from the Apostle Paul and only one paragraph from the first Governing Body?
    • Since the GB is imperfect, it makes mistakes. Please show where or when and how they have apologized for their mistake.
    • According to your teachings, Act Chapter 15 describes a Governing Body meeting. Please describe how verse 12 and 22 would fit in today’s arrangements?

    About the organization

    • Did the first apostle build kingdom halls and bethels?
    • Did the first Christians own a building where they gathered?
    • Is there an example of a Judicial committee in the bible? Was this committee public or private?
    • Does the bible provide examples of people instructed to shun their own family, even for years?
    • How much study preparation was required to be baptized in the first century?

    Some more questions:

    • Did the first Christians pray using God’s name? Did they performed miracles using Jehovah's name?
    • If someone is on his death bed, would it be appropriate to pray jesus and ask him to receive his spirit? Please read Acts 7:59.
    • Is the name “Jehovah” realy God's name? What is the origins of that name? If this name is a composition, then what is the difference between that and saying "GOD", since there is only one God anyways.
    • Does the bible have example of families preaching with the kids?
    • In the bible, is there an example of someone who accepted the truth resulting of the door to door preaching work?
    • Since anointed Christians can still become part of the 144 000, since when Christians received the earthly hope? Could it go as far back as to the first Christians?
    • Why didn't Jesus write anything?
    • Why didn't John the baptist become a disciple of Jesus after he baptized him?
    • I understand that blood fractions are acceptable. Since these were obtained through blood that was stocked and processed, why is it permissible? Don't you accept that the only valid use for blood is to poor it on the ground?
    • If nothing, absolutely nothing survives death, then, is resurrection nothing more than making a clone of what you once were?

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