The Deep Things of Jehovah(tm). What are they?

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  • sir82

    I always loved it when people would say, after a Watchtower study or assembly talk, when someone would comment on how "deep" it was.

    Or maybe it would be "DE-E-E-E-EP!"

    I found that these proclamations were true, if you replaced "deep" with "mind-numbing nonsensical bull-pucky".


    The Deep Things of Jehovah


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  • LoveUniHateExams

    The Deep Things of Jehovah(tm). What are they?

    Evidently, these are matters too deep for us to understand.

    But they have been revealed to the Governing Body in Jehovah's 'due time'

  • Phizzy

    It's interesting that some Gnostics called the Deity "The Depth", by which they meant the Unknowable, but Paul seems to be claiming that we can know things by means of the Holy Spirit that the "natural" man cannot know.

    Paul and the Gnostics were similar in claiming that esoteric knowledge was available to the initiated.

  • flipper

    " Deep Things of Jehovah " What are they ?

    No blood transfusions allowed thus many JW's dying , child abuse running rampant with JW pedophiles not prosecuted by law, teenage minor children not allowed to get a college education thus having to work lower paying jobs to further " kingdom ( WT ) interests " , changing doctrines twisting " this generation " into " overlapping generations " of how long the fictitious " time of the end " will last, " honoring " Jehovah ( WT ) with JW's " valuable things " i.e. translation WT leaders taking possessions and titles to all kingdom halls on planet earth to take away money and power from rank & file JW's.

    These are considered the " deep things of Jehovah " that shows if a JW has made what's called " spiritual progress ". Pretty twisted

  • Giordano
    That it's all insanity just like the deep things of the Mormons, Christian Scientists, Scientology........... any religion that intentionally hurts people........
  • clarity

    The deep things, are the depths of their depravity.

    The story of Lot & his daughters was mentioned .......just like to say that it is a mans world now and was a mans world then. It was not the daughters who raped their father (hello!) it was Lot who blamed his child abuse & rape on them, Of course it would be written that it was the 'womans' fault!


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I agree with everything above.

    Personally, I think it's part of the whole thought reform/brainwashing technique.

    Telling someone that they can't understand something (in this case, pure bullshit) because it's too "deep" for them to understand is really just a subtle way to disparage or attack a person's built-in critical thinking machinery. You don't understand this? Well, there must be something deficient with YOU. No possiblility that this is just total crap and that's why it's incomprehensible.

    It's actually a liberating feeling when you realize that, if you put in the time and effort, you CAN actually understand some truly deep ideas (physics, biology, philosophy, whatever interests you.) Yeah, maybe you'll never know everything, but you can sure as hell rule out garbage like the stuff WT spews out there.

  • paradisebeauty

    in wt land: that 144000 people from earth will become this new creatures who will live in the heaven with God, probably because God did not have enough angels ...

    in the Bible: that people can become immortal (not immortal spirits, but immortal people with a physical body), like Jesus became after his resurrection.

  • TheMark
    It's like the overlapping generations, now that some deep stuff. It's so deep no one understands it or can explain it. Only super spiritual men like Splane, Morris and Lett powered by the holy spirit can grasp the intricacies of this deep knowledge. We'd be lost without these gifts in men.

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