Simple, yet very effective way, for ALL to spread the TTATT to current JW family and friends, possible GAME CHANGER.

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  • Dunedain

    I am sure this has probably been thought about, and maybe others have mentioned it already. In fact, i cant even take credit for this brilliant idea. It is a "tactic" that my Father uses, to great effect, and he is a CURRENT JW.

    As we all know, there is a wealth of info on the internet, and many other sources, that clearly exposes the many lies of the WTS. The main issue of why a large portion of rank and file members don not "go any further" once they stumble upon info, is because the GB has done an excellent job of "demonising", and labeling things "apostate".

    Many times we hear, or have personally experienced, many R&F members, or even our family members, refusing to hear ANYTHING that "questions" the WTS. Once we may start to get into a conversation, concerning ANYTHING, from the child abuse scandals, false date prophesies, "roots" of the ORG, or whatever, they quickly close their minds to what is being said, and nothing may sink in.

    Our "tactics" are often times, done correctly, lovingly, and even from an "academic", or "logic" perspective, but still NOTHING. The GB has, in many cases, done a great job of "stigmatising" anything which could "wake" up a JW to the REAL truth.

    So now we get to the reason for this post. This "tactic", can be employed by all of us, whether we are DF'd, a ranking JW, an Elder, a MS, a publisher, non baptised, and any of us who are IN or OUT. For most that are IN, one of the biggest "badges" of "spirituality" is if you have a STUDY. The simple idea here is to use your "STUDY" as a means to give information to the R&F and family that are in, about the TTATT.

    Very simply, what my Father does, and that all of us can do, is to bring up SPECIFIC "points" to others in the congregation, but under the guise that YOUR/OUR STUDYS are asking them. It is very simple and yet brilliant, at the same time. When it is done this way, it ABSOLVES you of being the one bringing up these "appostate" points, and puts the "burden" on the "study". Whether you have a study, or NOT, doesnt matter. It is simply about using the "study" as the means to ask these questions, and as an avenue to get this information "out there".

    An example of this could be if you went to an elder and said, "my study was on such and such website, and they brought up about the child abuse scandals, and the ARC, have YOU heard about this, and what should i tell my study". Or to anyone who is perceived as being "strong spiritually", you could ask about the generations changes, or 607, or blood, or the United Nations, or the many, many other points and "truth" that we know, but ALWAYS under the "guise" that it is a question that our studies are having.

    There was a thread here, about a month ago, where we all said where we are from, and we are all over America, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and many other countries. If we ALL did this, by simply raising these issues, we could get the TTATT to many all over the world. The beauty about this, though, is that there is no "backlash" on us, because when you use the mentioning of these points as coming from a "study", or even "someone" we are just talking about the "truth" to, then the "negative" connotations dont come down on us.

    Remember, the purpose of doing this, is NOT to get answers from those we mention this "apostate" info to, but to simply put this info out there to the people that normally would not "listen" to it.

    It is a simple approach, but one, i fell, could be VERY effective. When you are speaking to a JW, or a JW family member, once you say that I read such and such, they INSTANTLY close themselves off to you. However, when you go to these same people, and say MY STUDY said such and such, well they may "disarm" themselves mentally, and allow the info, at a very minimum, to be HEARD.

    We can say our "studys" brought up topics like blood fractions, child abuse, silent, Australian royal commision, date changes from 1799, 1914, 1925, 1975, misquotes or blatant lies in literature, the orgs "roots" like pyramidology, or whatever you want. Now, by just bringing up these points, we can spread the REAL truth, and to many that would have ordinarilly "shut themselves off" to hearing it.

    Even a DF'd person, if you are lucky enough to still talk to any of your JW family members, you could say these points were brought up to you by someone you were talking to. You could even bring it up, like you were considering "going back", but these points were brought to your attention.

    If you do not have a study, or have one, but do not want to "alienate" them by making some think that the "questions" are coming from them, then just make a study up. You could even start the process by, for a few months before, start adding 1 study on the feild service time slips, and then that could be your "imaginary study" that is bringing up all these "questions".

    Again, the purpose is to put this TTATT out there to the R&F, who would normally close themselves off to hearing it. Raise these questions to EVERYONE you can. Raise them to Elders, raise them to MS, raise them to pioneers, raise them to your stuborn family members, raise them to ALL in the hall, but without the "stigma", because you are "asking for a study who is REALLY interested".

    Sorry for the long post, but i think this simple approach, and especially at the crucial time with all that is happening in the ORG, it can be just whats needed to wake up many. Good luck.

  • slimboyfat

    Another related tactic I've used when I want to reveal leaked stuff ahead of time:

    "I've got a friend at bethel who tells me they are planning to get rid of the book study."

    "Get away!"

    "I've got a friend at bethel who tells me they're going to drop the Theocratic Ministry School."

    "Yeah big deal!"

    It is subject to diminishing returns.

  • OneEyedJoe
  • stuckinarut2

    Yep, seen this done even in a talk from the platform!

    "how would we answer a return visit who challenges the origins of Jehovah's Witnesses? What if they point out the many flawed teachings?"

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    But what if you are still attending meetings and don't have a study? What if the elders press you on the identity of such a fictitious study?
  • Khaleesi
    This is a great idea & even using "coworkers" as your "study" who you are witnessing to "informally" can be used too to take the focus away from us, since remember as far as the congregation knows at work they are aware of us being "JWs" & they come to us "asking questions" about our "beliefs"... Use coworkers as your studies
  • Crazyguy
    I think this great for planting seeds and maybe years later the seeds will take root, this is all we can do.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    You could say you were going door to door, and someone asked......

    I agree that this approach is a great way to disarm people who otherwise would be unapproachable.


    Good points, but there is a problem for some of us. We can't stomach the joke called "study." Therefore, there is no chance of reaching anyone.

    I tried to introduce some new ideas in our "study" by asking, "Where is the term "Paradise Earth" found in the Bible? My wife got mad and yelled, " Why are you asking cryptic questions???!!!" This was during a "study" and I am the "family head." You can't reach everyone with this method.

    I recommend making it personal. JWs are all talk, so call them out. I was fed up with the ad hominem attack of "apostate"!!! So....I said,( while holding a knife by the blade, with the handle facing my accuser ) "Apostates deserve eternal death, right? Why don't YOU just kill me?"

    As angry as they were, ( they thought they were bad-ass Xian heroes..) they stopped in the middle of their self-righteous rant. Sometimes, Ya gots ta get Fo'Realz!!!


  • Dunedain
    @ - Village Idiot - Good point, but i doubt the "elders" would do that right away. Their initial reaction will not be, Who is that, or whats their name, they probably wouldnt want to come off that way from the door. That being said, then MAKE UP A NAME, and "studies" stop studying all the time. The point is to just be getting the info out, not that every week you are going to ask the elders things, from the "study". Its about planting tiny seeds, here and there. Also, you do not have to say it was a study, say you were witnessing to a co-worker. The seed is planted, and i doubt they will ask the name of a co-worker.

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