One Big Family... Except For When You Need Them

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  • Phoebe

    They should be entitled to some state benefits to tie them over until they find work.

    We've just been through this, only we're much, much older. Two years ago my husband got very sick and he had to give up work. We only had a cleaning business (yes, that's the work he took on when he began to RP, which in hindsight was stupid but we didn't know better then) But it provided albeit not a lot.

    So, he got sick and I was doing anything and everything to earn money for food/bills. I'm older so it was really hard going out cleaning on my own. I'd often sit on the stairs of one house I cleaned and have a good cry because I was so exhausted. The whole congregation knew. All I ever got from them, if they lowered themselves to speak to me, was: 'I'll pray for you.'

    I didn't want charity. We'd always been the kind of people that helped others. My husband helped brothers after he left. But now we were really up against the wall. We had so little to live on. I thought the brothers would show they at least they cared. Nope.

    I worked 24/7 setting up a new business and somehow we clawed our way back to being able to look after ourselves. Even now I have to work every day. Never had so much as 'are you okay?' from anyone.

    My husband says' there's no brownie points for being kind and loving'. He says if they could write it on a report card, we'd have had a line at the door :D

  • ToesUp

    Yes...that is the main reason we left. The complete lack of love and care for others. When we went through a period of unemployment/under employment, we got nothing. Not even an encouraging word from the Elders. We had to take on employment in the evenings and weekends. The only thing we got was the Elders asking why we were missing meetings. If you're not doing the tasks, you are weak and not worth the time of day.

    Wow....freedom is a breath of fresh air!

    We are back on track at the moment and enjoying life. Not a dime going to WT!

  • WingCommander


    If you do or give them anything, it will only reinforce that "Jehovah Provides", and in their minds proves that they are in God's Organization. Even if it came from YOU, an EX-JW, they'd still rationalize it in their minds that Jah put it into your heart to help them. It's hard man, but you gotta let them work it out. Also, your friends father is a total JACKASS for not giving up his "study" to let them stay there if even for a while. Talk about "Christian love" of a parent even! Wow! I bet the wife's jaw was on the floor after hearing that! That old bastard would never set foot in my house after such "generous" treatment. Wow.

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