Facial hair and Witnesses

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    I saw some pics on JWFacts of old pictures the Society had placed in their publications of Jesus with no facial hair-at all. Couldn't believe it. Forgot what time period this was. Might've been the '20s or something

    @Jules No, if you look at the "Paradise Lost" book from the 50s (1958) that's the culprit. Lot's of pictures of Jesus and other first century men without beards, even ADAM!!!! Well at least they got Eve right!

    As to who they are and the page numbers, in order shown:

    • Abel (page 36)
    • Cain (page 37)
    • Adam (page 21)
    • Paradise (page 198)
    • Jesus (page 141)

    PS. Do you think the "evildoer" on the right has a mullet?!

  • _Morpheus

    As much as they tried in the past and continue to try now to pain themselves as “above common culture” dubbies have always been solidly in the middle of culture. Its far right american germanic culture but culture just the same. The old saying in america was the farther you got from brooklyn the more liberal the congregations got and it always seemed true to me. Facial hair and the view thereof came from the germanic heads if the org and those they taught to think like them. Its an old tradition hung onto because its an old tradition and anyone who thinks about it for 30 seconds sees that, but of course nobody wants the social stigma in dubbie land of bucking the system.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn


    Wow, so they're right in determining what he approves and disapproves of? I thought the Society did away with the whole type/anti type thing


    Yes those are the pictures I was referring to! Can't believe it that they would actually illustrate bible characters like that and it's crazy how they illustrate the guy on Jesus' right with a full grown beard. Seems like since the 50's the Society was putting beards in a negative light in their magazines.

  • done4good

    Conservative groups never like beards - think cops, or the military for example. Mustaches have always been ok with these groups, mostly because it places a controlled limit on the style, (denoting conformity). Conservative groups don't like free thinkers and beards are associated with self-style, a big no-no. JWs are not completely unique in this.

    Conservative types tend to have certain personality characteristics that include a groupthink mentality. That mentality has much to do with evolutionary biological factors, and manifests itself psychologically within certain personality types, (Guardians in particular, according to Jungian theory). I remember reading somewhere that ISTJ men for example, have a much higher than average occurrence of wearing a mustache than the general population.

  • punkofnice

    Legend has it that it was that drunken pig Rutherford that demanded the removal of beards because he didn't like Charlie Rissole. Who knows?

    It's another control tool for the power trippers that control.

  • stuckinarut2

    By the way, my post on the last page (letter from the GB) was an attempt at satire.

    Sorry if someone thought it was real and gave it a dislike. I was getting carried away with sarcasm.

  • Finkelstein

    Beards on men are seen as being unclean and unrighteousness perhaps even worldly.

    Representatives of Jehovah should always show their true spirituality and one way to do that is disrespect God's own design in his creation of making man..

    Jesus has a message to the GB leaders of the Watchtower Corporation.

  • _Morpheus

    Punk, in almost certain that story is in print in the dubbies own literature. It is indeed one of the traditional reasons that beards are frowned upon, passed down generationally and nobody knows why and nobody will question.

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