Facial hair and Witnesses

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  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn


    Whoa...that is nuts. You can't get any nuttier than that.

  • tepidpoultry

    At this point, believe it or not, they are bowing to public pressure, a CO asked me around 1999 "Did you notice that for years White brothers in the Magazines do not have moustaches?" He said that that was because a "lot of Black brothers (and sisters) had written in complaining,

    I think that this was racist but that's what he said,

    It's amazing to learn what goes on behind the magic curtain,


  • steve2

    They are the exact opposite of the Amish who are not allowed moustaches but have beards. Apparently the Amish banned moustaches because of their prominence in the military.

  • Confusedalot

    Maybe the GB was afraid that all the sh.t they want their members to talk would get caught in their beards and make the good news less appealing. Would be less of a risk with mustaches.

  • shepherdless

    Sorry to point out the obvious, but market research from eons back has shown that door to door salesmen have more success if they don't have beards. The whole Watchtower dress code is about what market research shows is (or was) most successful in door to door marketing.

  • careful


    Thanks for pointing out the obvious. That's doubtlessly part of the picture too.

  • Sandino
    "Wheres that from? Beards aren't permitted in the States"

    I was told the exact same thing. So, what did I do? Ask the elders, got their input (they didn't understand the problem either), then grew my beard. The congregation is mostly ok with it. For those that aren't, not my problemo.

  • Londo111

    From what I understand, for Bethelites, mustaches are not allowed if you are "white".

  • _Morpheus

    That is 100% correct londo. I was counciled repeated to shave mine, kindly of course and not told i HAD too but it was “encouraged”.

  • stuckinarut2

    Letter from the Governing Body re facial hair:

    "Dear brothers,

    It has come to our attention that questions have arisen regarding the acceptability of beards. We take this opportunity to remind all of Jehovah's views on this vital matter. Clearly, all of us wish to please our creator, and share in the wonderful blessings he has in store for our future. So these kindly reminders should assist us in continuing to make 'his heart rejoice.'

    As with all historical accounts in the bible, they 'were written aforetime for our instruction' and contain principles we can draw on.

    So after prayer and consideration, we have discerned that the anti type of Samson should be applied. His long hair and beard was evidence of Jehovah's blessing. However, as we know, Jesus came to fulfil the law, and reverse all previously implemented guidelines.

    With this in mind, a Christian nowadays would follow the antitypical example of Samson and shave his beard and keep his hair short in order to please Jehovah who no longer approves of the way he designed men.

    Sisters too can learn much from this example. A Godly woman would 'learn subjection in all things' and ensure that she too does not allow any facial hair to grow (or any body hair either as directed by the 'faithful and wise slave class') So all sisters who fail to wax will be kindly reminded to maintain their spiritual standing in this area.

    We trust that this letter helps to clear up any misunderstandings.

    Your brothers,

    Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

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